Feelingirldress: The Hottest Swimwear Store In 2020

It is that time of the year once again. Thanks to the feelingirldress waist trainer, your hottest swimwear store, which is just a click away. Whether you are heading for a weekend adventure or a long vacation to Miami, it is time to refresh your swimsuits. Liven up your selection with fresh styles, fabrications, and silhouettes from the new brands making waves this year. Below we have rounded up some of the coolest mommy and me swimsuit brands for the season.

Floral Swimwear

A floral print swimsuit should not miss in your wardrobe since it never goes out of style. It is best for your aquatic adventures. They come in different combinations of colors, prints, flower shapes, and size as well as sexy designs. In our selection, you will find bold and vibrant colors that stand out as well as pastel hues that are feminine yet understated. 

Halter Collar Backless swimwear

Every memorable trip should be accompanied by unique clothing. It can be a honeymoon, beach, or vacation. Choosing halter collar backless swimwear will enhance the enjoyable moments during the travel. The backless design brings out the simple, classy, and sexy appearance. The good thing about this swimwear is that you can customize your bust support by tightening the straps until you get your perfect fit. 

Single Shoulder swimwear

One-shoulder swimwear is asymmetrical, meaning there’s only one strap going over one shoulder instead of both. A stylish swimwear that allows you to go bold from a splashy day at the beach to whatever magic the evening brings. 

One Piece Beachwear

One-piece swimsuits are top-rated for so many reasons. One is that they are a continuous pattern, which creates an unbroken vertical line and can make a short woman look taller. Two, with a one-piece swimsuit, your legs are elongated since more attention is on the legs and less on your torso.

Swim Dress Swimwear

Bikinis put too much skin on display, if they are not your style, don’t stress it. We have a swim dress that is equally pretty and fun for those who are conscious about showing off some skin. They also come with feelingirldress waist trainer trimming option so you can confidently lounge inside and outside the pool.

When looking for a swimsuit, consider your body type and the location where you will be wearing it. The most relevant factor should be your comfort. The mommy and me swimwear should fit well and be physically comfortable. Select a swimwear style that you love and flaunt your assets.

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The 6 Biggest Color Trends We’ll All Be Wearing in 2020

We are often very indecisive about what colour we should pick, especially when a t-shirt is sold in 5, 6 or more different colours. Let’s start then to make a selection, which can begin with choosing our favourite colour, or thinking about what kind of matching outfit we want to create. When, on the other hand, we cannot really decide the colour that is best fit for us, here we must absolutely appeal to the colour trends that have been seen on the catwalks during this year. Are you wondering what they are? Let’s jump immediately to the list of the best 6 colours that we can wear this year, taking as a reference to the Pantone Matching System in order to be very accurate.

1 Biscay Green

How many of us have daydreamed with our heart eyes a ring, a necklace or some accessory in front of a Tiffany boutique? This brand has made it’s colour a total trademark! If we have been obsessed with buying a Tiffany green bag for years, the time has now come! But let’s not focus only on bags and accessories: any Biscay green garment worn with something white will give us a touch of unique simplicity that we will never get tired of.

2 Flame Scarlet

If you are not into the angelic colour I mentioned before and you consider yourself more like a sexy devil than a cute angel, well, you have my blessing! But you will also have the stylists’ blessing, considering that this is the year of flame scarlet. No problem, therefore, to show off a nice red mini dress that would charm even the manliest guy while you are on the dance floor with your friends. Perfect during the day and in the afternoon but especially in the night to warm up the atmosphere! You get the idea, don’t you?

3 Faded Denim

To be clear, it is the colour of the classic jeans. It is true that not all jeans have the same shade, but here I am referring more to the print and the idea of denim rather than the colour itself. So let’s dig into our wardrobes to dust off some trends from a few years ago, such as overalls, shirts and shorts all made exclusively of denim. Have you realized that not throwing things away can be useful sometimes?

4 Saffron

How good is the saffron risotto? Saffron colour is a kind of yellow that tends towards orange: a dark yellow in simple words. The problem could be the combinations but I think this is a colour that, besides being super fashionable wore as a total look, combines well with lilac for a Leakers style with green for a Brazilian style. Always so beautiful to see!

5 Chive

It is the most popular darkest colour this year, so if we are a lover of dark colours and do not want to move away from our classic but always beautiful sober style, it is the only colour we can rely on. It is a darker olive green, through which we will have no problem in matching whatever we have in the closet!

6 Coral Pink

Am I the only one that always used to choose pink when it came to the colour of a skirt during my first year of university? Please, tell me that it is not so! Having said that, in addition to faded denim, I will dust off coral pink clothes too and wear them with my crop tops throughout the summer season. If you answered no to the previous question, you will have to go shopping instead!

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Everything You Need to Know about Women Waist Trainer

best waist trainer for women

There are some unpleasant things that often happen to us women: this is a subject that I want to talk about a bit and make it like a sort of intro to this article. Most of the times, the majority of us women are always competing with each other in a continuous struggle for the one who appears more beautiful and fit, and almost always judging any attitude or choice made by another person just because, in the sight of someone, they are considered to be incorrect from an ethical point of view. Therefore, we often do not find the courage to give support to a person who, like us, simply wants to be herself.

Yes, because if we think about it, everything revolves around being oneself, which is the most important thing to, in my view, to live a happy life. So if you are looking for some tummy control shorts, the first thing you need to know is that you must not be afraid of how your body looks, you must like yourself first and then others, always remember it. You must not be afraid of the judgment of others, because it does not matter what you do, there are a lot of people out there who are ready to judge you for whatever you do; and finally, don’t be afraid to wear a waist trainer because you feel the need or because you want to put the dress on you wore a few years ago. If you want to do something, do it without the fear that you will be judged, do it for yourself, do it for feeling good, do it because it will be beautiful!


After having entertained you a bit with this intro that I hope has helped you to free yourself from your fears, assuming you have them, we can move on to the second part of the article: once you have reached the FeelinGirl online store and you asked yourself a million questions, I am here to give you some practical tips for comfortably wearing a waist trainer!

These products are very useful in your daily routine and during your favorite sports activities. These products can bring a clear improvement on the hips, the belly, and the glutes area, but this obviously depends on the type of product you are going to buy. You can choose a product specifically for your hips, or a total body product that will make your workouts harder and more effective also for your legs. What you need to know is that with a women waist trainer the results you will get will be more long-lasting than a tummy control: it is about a real workout in order to eliminate excess fats and toxins from your body, whereas the tummy control tends to slim but to not make improvements once the product is removed from your hips. The rips of the waist trainers are very useful in this sense, as, in addition to giving you greater support, they act on the swollen parts of our body, such as the belly and hips, going to make a treatment that will give you a better silhouette over time. Regarding the size, my advice is not to choose a size smaller than the one you are used to buying, but to purchase your correct size for regular use during any physical activity!


Having said that I hope that all this roundup of advice will be useful both in life and in the correct choice of your waist trainer!

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6 Best Skater Dresses for Women That’ll Make You Look and Feel Good

Every girl wishes to look beautiful and pretty. Your dress up can redefine your personality and thus when shopping for clothes, you should pay attention to your body type and problem area. Some best skater dresses you should have in your collection are as follows.

Women’s Off The Shoulder High Low Cocktail Skater Dress

This sexy dress is the best option to wear to the prom or parties. The dress is highly comfortable and stretchable which allows you to wear it with comfort all day long. The major highlights of the dress are the high low hem and off shoulders. The dress when paired with ankle boots gives you a sexy look.

Plus Volume Sleeve Skater Dress

If you are a bit healthy then this dress will be a great choice for you. It can make you look slimmer and pretty. It is comfortable and beautiful. You can wear it for any occasion such as on a date night, evening dinners, cocktail parties, and more. It is machine washable and made of polyester and elastane.

Lilac Puff Sleeve Skater Dress

If you are looking for a nice summer dress then you can buy this one. It is made beautiful with lilac broderie in anglaise material. The puff sleeves make it more beautiful. This dress will keep you cool and very comfortable in the summers. Pairing it with sandals is going to add some extra stars to your personality.

Wrap Skater Dress

If you want to look glamorous at the party, you can invest in this beautiful glittery sequin dress. The deep V neck makes you show off your assets and looks sexy. It entirely made of polyester and is hand washable. The wrap design at the top adds to its charming looks.

Knot Front Skater Dress

It is a wonderful dress with a knot detailing present at the front. It is perfect for summer night parties. Thin straps and deep neck can provide a hot look to you. You can carry a leather bag to acquire the best look at it.

A-Line Pleated skater dress

It is featured with a zip closure that remains hidden. It is a perfect skater dress for cocktail parties. It has a round neck with lace detailing. It is made of soft fabric that feels very comfortable on the skin. the material is stretchable which makes wearing it easy.

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6 Best Shoes to Wear 2020

Footwear or shoes are always women’s best friend because they not only make them party-ready but also plays an important role in enhancing the outfit as well as personality. However, when selecting the shoes, you should pay attention to the dress you are willing to pair it with. Perfectly paired shoes will enhance your personality to a great extent. If you are looking forward to going to shoe shopping, here are some evergreen shoes to wear in 2020.

Peep toes

It is always the best option to wear with any type of dress no matter it is knee-length or short. This stiletto high heel comes with the peep-toe design. It is provided with a padded interior sole. Thus, you can wear them with comfort for a long time. The beautiful red color can be worn be any color dress.


It gives you a perfect combination of urban and chic look. The pumps can greatly complement your personality. Thus heel has leather upper and a padded interior sole for added comfort. The heel size is 11cm and it is perfect for weddings, romantic dates and m evenings.

Buffalo pointed pumps leather 11 cm nude


These classic pumps come with high heels and exhibit a dainty design. The design comprises of a pointed toe with an ankle strap that can be adjusted using the metallic buckle. It makes your legs look longer and it can be worn with any kind of dress and jeans to get a bold style.

Small heels

If you wear a bandage dress to your office then this will be the perfect shoes to complement the dress. The 5 cm block heel and the pointed toe provide the needed comfort that you need for wearing it for the complete day. The upper is made from Suede Leather.



It is one of the best footwear to pair up with the bandage dress. It is made from faux leather and suede. The major highlight of the boots is the lace tie-up and wrap around the buckle. It also comes with a heel of 2 inches.


It is one of the best additions to your wardrobe. It can be paired with any type of dress without any problem. The colorful tassels are the major highlight of the ballerinas.  The black and white zebra print is unique. If you are not a heel person then this one is the best for you.

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Some Trending Floral Print Mini Dress

Summer season is all about different types of prints but the floral print never goes out of the fashion. In summer, the floral print dresses are suited for all types of occasions whether you are going to the beach or at the wedding party. There are varieties of dresses with different patterns of floral print. It looks great in all shades of dark and light colors.

Ondine dress

This dress is irresistible and the lights hade makes it more beautiful. This floral print dress has a fitted waist with puffed sleeves. Its design of loose fit from the lower waist gives it a flattering look. It has a deep V neck and button detailing at the front. So you can wear a necklace to enhance the look. You can complete your look with knee-high boots.

Wrap dress

Its floral dress comes in a dark shade with vibrant prints. It has a deep V-shaped neck, this gives it a bold look. The wrap dress has a peplum hem along with the waist tie belt. The sleeves come with frills that add t its beauty. You can either wear thigh-high boots or flat shoes to complete the look.

Swing dress

This floral mini dress gives you a stylish and elegant look. You do not have to think twice before wearing it. You can easily wear it at your office or at any party. It has a high neck with ruffle flare sleeves. It has a back button fastening that makes it easy to wear and take off. It is also made from 100% polyester and thus it is highly comfortable to wear.

Deep V neck mini dress

This is one of the best dresses to wear on the weekends. The beautiful floral print gives good vibes and makes you look beautiful. The short sleeves with ruffle details add a charming look. The banded empire waist enhances the flared skirt. This dress can be perfectly paired with heels or flats as per the comfort.

Floral Off The Shoulder Dress 

This beautiful floral dress can be worn in two styles. You can wear it as an off-shoulder dress or sleeve smocked dress. This is the best beachwear dress that comes with an elasticated band that defines the waist. This is a perfect summer dress that can be worn with a hat and sandals for a chic look.

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Still worrying about losing weight? Try this bodysuit

Still worrying about belly drooping after delivery or losing weight? Cosmolle bodysuit is the best shapewear shorts for women.

Some data suggest that wearing bodysuits can make women recover quickly after giving birth. We have some types of shapewear can be used for the recovery of deformed parts of the body after delivering babies, and it has a certain helping effect, especially the best recovery effect of abdominal sagging. For example, our high waist shaper panty are usually highly rated by customers.

The seamless bodysuit mainly uses the three-dimensional cutting method to promote its seamless connection.

Seamless bodysuits use novel special equipment to produce once-formed underwear, also known as “seamless shapewear”.  It combines comfort, thoughtfulness, fashion and change into one, which not only makes consumers can’t put it down but also deeply impresses many well-known international brand designers as a source of inspiration. The main benefits are:

(1) Fine and smooth like silk, exquisite and elegant;

(2) Excellent body showing effect, highlighting the beautiful lines of the human body, full of sexiness;

(4) Infinite elasticity and seamless;

(5) Good body-building effect, can obviously change the body defects;

(6) Nutritional skin, plastic beauty underwear is added with moisturizing and moisturizing raw materials, which has a close-fitting protection effect on the skin;

The biggest advantage of the seamless shapewear over ordinary underwear is that it is seamlessness, which is more comfortable for people who have sensitive skin. However, because the underwear is fixed with a steel ring or a bracket, it is not good-looking or comfortable enough.

At this stage of technology, on the basis of traditional postpartum shapewear, new fabric products have been developed. The main fabric of this type of product is mainly natural extracts such as copper ammonia fibre and modal, etc. The price is more expensive, the dress is not tight, and it is also good in terms of body shaping effect. Cosmolle seamless shapewear seeks the latest technology, the highest quality. Next to each product there will be a brief introduction of the product, the level of tightness, materials, slimming effect and so on. We commit to taking the customer’s feelings and needs into full consideration.

Having said so much, in fact, the bodysuits are more prominent in assisting weight loss, so if you want to lose weight, don’t send all your hope with the shapewear. Instead of wearing shapewear all the time, it is better to go out for more exercise and make a reasonable diet plan! Good luck!

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How to become a more attractive woman?

Every woman on the earth wants to have a good and impressive body posture. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, one can get a good and toned body but it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Some women cannot be on a diet or don’t have much time for exercise. There is a solution for these women to get a toned body the way they want. The tummy control shapewear is the best solution for the women who dream of having perfect and slim body posture.

You can get the best shapewear for the tummy and waist in various range, size, color, and fabric. The body shapers have become an essential article in the wardrobe of every woman. It makes you appear fit, graceful, and confident. There are lots of benefits you can get by wearing tummy control shapewear. Below are the benefits you can enjoy wearing them.

1. Body Contour:

The invisible seam body shapers do magic to your body as it feels it does not seem to be visible. It looks as natural as it is and can be worn under any type of clothes. It gives the perfect posture/contour to your body no matter how many curves and bulges you have.

2. Smoother and toned body instantly:

Body Shapewear works as an asset for the people who have excessive body fat and does not fit anymore in their old and favorite clothes. It is an instant solution to get the smooth, firm, and toned body with in a second. All you have to do is to wear it under your clothes and you are ready to flaunt your toned body.

If you are the one who is finding the right and perfect shapewear for yourself then shapellx shapewear is always available to assist you. You will get numerous variety of shapewear on our online platform. Some of our shapewear range includes tummy control underwear, Front mesh hip hugger body shape, open crotch hook front body shapewear, and many more. To know more about our range and products visit shapellx.com

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2020’s Best Looking, Cheapest Clothing Store With The Best Dresses

Clothes, clothes, and clothes galore! Shopping will never again be about you checking the tag price on a divine frock only to realize it’s way over your budget. With Feelingirldress, you can shop until you hop and drop, and shop some more, with their trendy yet on-point prices.

2020’s Picks Of The Year

1. Not A Dress Shirt. A Shirt Dress

Yes, there’s a difference. The first being that it’s for men (a bit of fashion trivia right there). Dress shirts are chic and fresh, and very easy to pull together. It’s a whole ensemble in itself! With some accessories and your favorite pair of shoes, you’re ready to rule the catwalk.

2.Wrap-Me In A Wrap Around

A wrap-around is another apparel that’s an easy-wear. No-fuss and no complications in donning an outfit that merely requires you to wear it, wrap it around, and tie it with a knot. Plus, wrap-around are so flowy, they’re oh-so-comfy to put on and have on.

3. Forever Spring

Don’t discard your floral garments, ladies. Floral dresses will always have a place in the fashion world. Especially when spring and summer come knocking on your front door simultaneously. The prints are exactly what make them perfect for fun-in-the-sun weather.

4. Sweater Dress

For chillier days and nights, a sweater dress is a pullover that doesn’t only keep you warm. A sweater dress itself is hot-as-fudge because of its natural flow that falls right above your knee. Sexy yet charming at the same time. Wear leggings or skinny jeans underneath to mix and match it up.

5. Maxis To The Max

Maxis are long dresses that you, too, shouldn’t throw away after Beach Season. There are a ton of ways to wear maxis in various seasons. Wear it with a cardigan, a blazer, and boots for a warmer feel.

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Top 5 Must-Try Waist Trainer Bodysuit at FeelinGirl 2020

latex waist trainer

Looking for the best and high-quality waist trainer bodysuits, visit FeelinGirl where quality and affordability are guaranteed to you. This type of corset is important during waits training, and if you are not aware, waist training is the process of slimming your waist size and accentuating your size. With this type of garment, you are sure of getting an exaggerated hourglass figure.


Have no doubts, this type of corset works and be sure of significant results after a few days of use. This waist strainer bodysuit is common among the Kardashians and it’s the reason behind their hourglass body shape.

What are the benefits of wearing a waist trainer?  With this body corset, you will be able to improve your body posture to reduce back pain, helps in providing motivation, gives you immediate slimming results, and enhances your workouts.

Wearing a waist trainer bodysuit during a workout is very important. This is because it helps burn excess calories during exercise. It works by enhancing sweating at the core during workouts and the extra sweat burns more energy for use. Try out this and compare your waist at the beginning of the week and the end of the week then compare.

Have a look at some of the best latex waist trainer for women.

Super Sexy Black Big Size Latex Waist Slimmer with Sticker Tummy Trimmer


This is a high quality and affordable waist trainer from FeelinGirl. It is specifically designed to offer comfort and reduce inches by burning excess calories. This belt works by offering compression around the core to reduce water weight.

Our belts come in a variety of sizes and colors. It is made of latex, cotton, and spandex materials which make it worth it.



A great waist trainer to help you accentuate your curves and flatter your figure. The body shaper is made of latex making it comfortable to be worn during exercise, has an embossed pattern which makes it comfortable, enhances strong waist shaping, zipper front closure for adjustability, and small nine hooks design enhancing zip closure.

At FeelinGirl, we also offer the best thigh trimmers. Just like latex waist trainers, thigh trimmers are important. They help to promote an extra increase in heat and sweat around the thigh region when working out.

Take for instance the Wrap shaper sauna neoprene trimmer. It is useful in enhancing leg exercise for upper leg toning. It works well for both petite, hour-glass, and plus-size women because of the leg sleeves for beautiful toned thighs with reduced cellulite level because of detox effects of increases perspiration.


There is also this arm trimmer and thigh shaper workout fitness. This is an exclusive fitness garment designed to enhance exercise. It is made of high-quality fabric material (latex-free neoprene) that maximizes the thermogenic process to lose excess water giving you the desired body shape.

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