Tips for Halloween Costumes Choose

Halloween parties are great fun but deciding for the perfect Halloween costume is little confusing. Some want to dress hot and sexy and some want horrifying look. There are varieties of characters from which you can take inspiration for your upcoming Halloween celebration. Some trending Halloween costumes to go for:

Chucky doll

Chucky is still the most trending Halloween character from the 80’s horror film. You can go with the vibrant colors to look like a playful horror doll. Choose blue skirt dungarees with t he colorful strips on the top and pair them with the red stockings and red sneakers. Chucky makeup contains various blood marks on the face with the large eyes. Complete the entire look by two ponytails and few marks on your hands too.


If you want to dress sexy and cute this halloween, you can go with the uicorn dress code. Unicorns are  the most loved virtual character which is cheerful and fun loving. You camn choose any pastel color shades on the white dress to get the inicorn vibe. Choose lavinder and blush pink as they are the most trending shades in  these costumes. Choose a beautiful headband with  the horn on it and complete the look with the feathery stockings and high heels.

Women ninja

Ninja are the secret characters and is a great idea to include this in coming October Halloween party. You can choose black bodycon mini dress and wrap around red thin ribbons to give it more details. Choose a black mouth covering mask to complete the look. Wear knee high black boots to enhance the look.

Red hot cupid

What is sexier than a red hot lady cupid in the Halloween party? If you want to turn all the tables towards you, you can go for t his hot costume. Choose the red bandage or tube top and pair it with the red hot skirt or a v style shorts. Wear detailed mesh stockings and attach a pair of small red feather wings on the back. You can go for the heart headband to add more fun.


Lady pennywise

Pennywise was the most horrifying clown which you can include in your Halloween costume idea. Choose the white high neck flare dress with the corset attached to it. Pair the white dress with the white stockings and red heels. Makeup is very important in this costume. The balloon as a prop can make your entire look more relatable to the character.

 And Some trending Halloween costumes from helps you find out:

Sorceress Sparkly Sequin Emerald Witch Costume




 Sorceress Sparkly Sequin Emerald Witch Costume
Sorceress Sparkly Sequin Emerald Witch Costume

Shimmer Red Maid Halloween Costume Without Socks Shoes

Shimmer Red Maid Halloween Costume Without Socks Shoes
Shimmer Red Maid Halloween Costume Without Socks Shoes

Black Plus Size Tie Waist Witch Costume Short Sleeve On-Trend Fashion

Black Plus Size Tie Wiast Witch Costume Short Sleeve On-Trend Fashion
Black Plus Size Tie Wiast Witch Costume Short Sleeve On-Trend Fashion
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4 Must-Have Skater Dresses for 2019

Skater dresses are very versatile and can be paired with almost any clothing pieces like jackets, shirts, stockings, long overcoats, etc. thus every girl must own a skater dress in her wardrobe. There are variety of dresses that are available online you just have to choose as per your styling sense.

Off shoulder skater dress

Off shoulder dresses are very popular among the girls nowadays. Off shoulder design gets perfect when comes with the skater dresses. If you are having great beauty bones, this off shoulder skater dress is perfect for you.  You can play with the colors and choose your favorite one as there is no specification in these dresses. All colors looks gorgeous with the off shoulder dresses. You can go with the full sleeves or no sleeves in these dresses as per your preference. Pair it with some simple multilayer chokers on your neck and you are ready to go.


Velvet skater dress

Velvet skater dresses are perfect for the parties and night dates. These dresses look amazing on each body and compliment all the skin tone. Go with the V neck cutout with the thin straps on this dress to make it more charming. Choose the colors like burgundy, rich blue, emerald green, etc to make it look more beautiful and appealing.  Waistline is very important in these dresses. Check for the well fitted waistline which is little bit higher on the torso to give the glamorous affect.

Lace halter neck skater dress

Halter neck skater dress is always classy and beautiful. You can go with the lace work on these dresses to get that day party vibe. This will give you the girly and cute look. go for the pastel colors in  these dresses like blush pink, pastel green, etc.


Basic skater dress

Every girl should own a basic skater dress as they are very versatile and can give you any look that you want. You can choose the full sleeves basic dress or you can also go with the sleeveless dress. Pair them with your favorite knee high boots and your perfect casual look is done.


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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Wearing Waist Slimming Corsets

What is a waist training corset?

The corsets are especially made for the women. These have waist trainers or clinchers that is worn on the upper body of the women and it helps in reducing the size of the waist. The waist slimming corsets even helps in toning your figure and accentuate all the curves in your body.

Know about the advantages of wearing the corsets

  • Get the hourglass figure– the corsets need to be worn by the women very tightly around their waist for some specific period of time. The corsets need to be worn by the women every day. As the corsets sits tightly around your waist, it helps to reduce your waist size naturally overtime. As an hourglass figure is considered to be the best type of figure as all types of clothes suit this body type, all the women want to have an hourglass figure. Women who naturally have an hourglass figure is quite blessed but those who do not have, they use the corsets to transform their figure. The waist training will help in slimming down your waistline and accentuating and highlighting your bust and hips.
  • Curve Smoothing Beige 14 Plastic Bones Jacquard Overbust Corset
    Curve Smoothing Beige 14 Plastic Bones Jacquard Overbust Corset
  • Controlling your weight – the waist trainers or corsets do not have any mechanism to burn down your fat. However, as it is tied very tightly on your body you will not be able to intake large amounts of food. Thus, you will have little quantity of food and this way your weight will also decrease.
  • Super Faddish Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer Large Size Fat Burning
    Super Faddish Black 9 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer Large Size Fat Burning
  • Posture is improved a lot – the waist slimming corsetsor waist trainers have metal bones in them which tightly surrounds your body. With these, your body is held in the right position and you will not be able to slouch wearing a waist trainer even if you wish for.
  • Regaining the slim figure after pregnancy – the new moms may have a large belly and they might want to get back into shape. For this reason, they can surely use the waist trainers.

Disadvantages of wearing waist trainers or corsets

Apart from all the advantages that the waist trainers provide, there are also many disadvantages.

  • Feeling uncomfortable– as the waist trainers are worn very tightly, it will cause discomfort to the wearer. You can adjust the tightness according to your comfort level.
  • Avoid wearing it while eating – While you are having your meals, you must avoid wearing the waist trainers  it will not help in proper digestion and you will not be able to eat properly. Acid reflux can also happen as a result of wearing the corsets while having meals.
  • Trouble in breathing – the extremely tight waist trainers are tied on the upper portion of your body which may be very uncomfortable for breathing. You can have shallow breaths which is very harmful.
  • Black Pleated Flocking Embroidery Corset
    Black Pleated Flocking Embroidery Corset


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How Can You Wear a Short Sleeve Bodycon Dress Modestly?

Bodycon dresses can even be worn modestly

Many people have a misconception that the bodycon dresses are only worn to look sexy. But this is not true. The way you wear a dress and the style of the dress that you choose to wear will decide the look that you will have wearing it. If you choose simple styles and designs in the clothing then you will have a simple and modest look. While buying the bodycon dresses to look modest, you must always choose dresses which have thick quality and stretchy fabric so that your figure gets covered up well. You can choose to wear a short sleeve bodycon dress to have a simple look. These bodycon dresses look very cute and you can easily wear these dresses on casual events regularly. The bodycon dresses highlight the curves on your body and is suitable for all types of figures.

Styling yourself modestly in a bodycon dress

The bodycon dresses are body-fitting but it is not exposing and body revealing. Thus, you can easily dress modestly in a bodycon dress. You must also know that dressing modestly does not mean that covering all your body. You can leave some part of your body exposed and still look modest.

Choosing the best fabrics for your bodycon dress

There are many fabrics available in the bodycon dresses and it is very necessary to choose the right kind of fabric for your bodycon dress so that you look modest and stylish. Thick materials that are also stretchy are best for the bodycon dresses. You must not choose materials that are very finely knit. Silk materials must also be avoided in the bodycon dresses. You can find the short sleeve bodycon dresses in jersey and scuba materials. These are very comfortable and have a great and smooth finish.

Dressing modestly in a bodycon dress

You can dress modestly in a bodycon dress and even stay stylish. You can even layer the bodycon dress if you do not want to reveal your body much. You can wear a full sleeve skinny top underneath your bodycon dress or you can also layer your bodycon dress with a blazer. These will create very modest and elegant looks.

Choose the right length in the bodycon dresses

There are different lengths available in the bodycon dresses and if you want to look modest you can choose a midi-length bodycon dress. Different sleeves and necklines are also available like off-shoulder, short sleeve bodycon dress, three-quarter and full-sleeve bodycon dresses. Except the off-shoulder bodycon dresses all other bodycon dresses look very decent and modest. You can wear these decent bodycon dresses in all seasons and these are the most trending dresses for the women.

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Buy a Body-Shaper of Your choice for a Party Event

Most of the women try it hard to lose extra pounds before attending a wedding ceremony of their best friend or when they have to be a part of a casual home reunion party. In case you tried a lot but can’t get effective results, there is no problem as you can purchase the waist cincher shapewear. After wearing them, you will feel more confident about yourself as you can wear your favorite dress without getting it altered.


Things which you should consider before buying

The level of control

Before purchasing Loverbeauty shapewear it is very essential to look for the level of comfort you want during a gala event. For having a high level of comfort and enjoy the event to the fullest, you can purchase shapers of level 1. You will also look toned when you wear them.

In case, you want to look a size slimmer, you should purchase medium body-shaper. The comfort level is relatively less but you will look slimmer. If you like to make your waist look slim by 4 to 5 sizes then go for body-shapers which have extreme control. Here you will feel uncomfortable if you wear it more than the recommended time interval.

The outfit you are wearing

It is essential to pick plus size shapewear bodysuit based on the type of outfit which you are wearing for the party. If you are going on a casual get together with family members and plan to wear a shirt or T-shirt, it is recommended to wear Level 1 or level 2, body-shaper. For cargos or jeans, you should go for body-shapers of level 3 and 4; they usually depend on the time duration you are planning to stay at the gala event.


Few other points to consider

It’s mandatory to measure yourself with great care before purchasing the product. If you need to be sure, it is recommended to wear it before a day and try to move, bend and sit in different types of chairs. In case, you can maneuver it easily, the body-shaper which you have chosen is perfect for you.

When you wear a body-shaper to a party then prevent overeating as it can create complications. You should skip the starters and prevent yourself from consuming an extra glass of wine or any other beverage. Purchase a body-shaper which is made up of microfiber as the material is skin-friendly and it also allows it to breathe which protect you from foul odors.

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Styling Tips for Sweater Dresses

Styling clothes in winter is pretty difficult as you don’t have many options as compared to the summer dresses. Girls search for trendy designs and ideas to style their cloths in winters. One of the best options that every girl should go for is sweater dress. Sweater dress is a must have clothing piece that you should own in your wardrobe. These are very comfortable and can keep you warm. However many girls get confused on how to style their sweater dresses. Some of the styling tips are:

Balloon sleeves– balloon sleeves sweater dresses are very common among the girls. The extra volume provided on the end of the sleeves give you the unique look and balances out the dress portion if it is body hugging. Go for the darker color dresses as they look amazing in the winters.


Slater Blush Pink Fuzzy Sweater Dress
Slater Blush Pink Fuzzy Sweater Dress

Patterns – patterns create an edgy look. Going with the pattern sweater dresses can never be wrong. Girls go usually for the black and white patterns as they are simple yet elegant. Pair these dresses with the trendy glasses and a leather handbag.


Layering – layering is the key to fashion in winters. This helps you to keep warm even in the extreme temperatures. By layering clothes, you can create a casual street look. Go with the shades of nudes. Nude sweater dresses with the long coats and scarf will look great as whole. You can wear a cute matching tone winter cap with a pom-pom attached to it. This will surely look good on every girl.


Add the touch of velvet boots – short sweater dress matched up with the ankle length boots can look good but the same dress can look amazing with the long velvet boots. The touch of long velvet boots paired up with the sweater dress can complete your whole look instantly without doing any efforts on styling.

Accessories – the power of accessories should not be avoided as they can enhance any look into an extraordinary one. You can simply go with the simple sweater dress and add accessories to complete the entire look. If you are going with the loose sweater dress, you can create a slim illusion towards your waist by adding a belt to it. You can add a shimmery sling bag which is very trending among the girls nowadays. You can also wear a big hoop earring for the glamorous touch.


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