Gifts Ideas for This Romantic February

Valentine’s Day is almost here and this is the day to show your loved ones how much they mean to you every day of the year. For others, it is a day dedicated to that special someone in their life that is very much welcomed. There are people who make grand plans for V-day and there are those who prefer to spend a quiet day with a touch of romance.

This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday and if you are unable to celebrate it with a candlelight dinner, well no worries because the whole month of February is a month of love and all things romance. You can still gift your loved ones well past Valentine’s Day.

Last Minute Romantic Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that will knock her socks off.

Bath Soak Set

Looking for an intimate gift to show her that you care? Pick up the Do Not Disturb set from Oui the People.  It contains their Big Mood relaxing bath soak and Cheat Sheet body serum. The bath soak is detoxifying and will leave her feeling relaxed and clean.  The body serum will smooth and even her skin with lasting benefits. This is the perfect gift option to help her unwind after a long and stressful day.

A Bucket List Book For Couples

Making memories is a very personal thing for a couple to do.  No matter if you are taking a road trip to explore new cities or learn a new skill, you can make it happen. Set fun goals and activities, write them down in this book and start ticking them off.

Mini Succulent Plant

A mini succulent in a planter with a funny message for the special someone in your life. 

Adult Onesies

An adult onesie is a perfect outfit for staying in, ordering takeout, and lots of cuddling on the couch. Get a matching one for yourself too. 

Scalp and Body Scrub

This jar of rose-scented scalp and body scrub gently exfoliates, moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and skin. It will make skin soft, hydrated, and smooth.

A Record Player

A Victrola suitcase record player makes a nice gift as you can play all your vinyls in the most retro and romantic way. It also has wireless Bluetooth capability.

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration For Your Dates

Valentine’s Day was celebrated in a low-key way for the past two years. The usual dinner dates were replaced with takeouts and watching Netflix at home. For 2022, the day of love will look a little different as things are slowly getting back to normal. Think dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant or get-together with some close couple friends. It may be a good idea to start planning about the Valentine’s Day outfit that you may want to wear for this special occasion.

It may be a little daunting to start dressing up if your date nights have been rather casual ever since the pandemic came about. In order to alleviate the stress about what to wear and to spark some inspiration, here are some cute outfit ideas no matter how you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Do you want to keep it classy in a statement top or a special dress? Prefer something casual with jeans and a detailed top and accessories? Check these out.

Get Your Prints On

A pleated, printed dress and a pair of comfortable knee-high boots is perfect for a surprise date night.


Planning to have brunch with your besties or sipping coffee with your special person, opt for a flouncy, lightweight dress and all-white sneakers to keep the look casual. If you want to add a street-chic vibe to the outfit, drape an oversized denim jacket over your shoulders.

Happy Hour Drinks

If you are planning for a date night on a workday or having a small gathering with your gal pals, then a happy hour is perfect. For this occasion, this outfit idea below is perfect. An A-line faux leather midi skirt with a tee tucked in and a herringbone blazer. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers if you do not want to wear your heels after being in them for the whole day.

A Galentine Celebration

For a night out with your besties, paint the town red with a bodycon knit dress and 90s inspired square toe strapped sandals.

Cozy Night At Home

If you are planning to stay home on V-Day, you can keep things casual and look cute too. Nothing is quite like a cashmere set. You will be stylish and comfortable enough for a possible Netflix marathon while sipping some wine. 

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Gift Ideas For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about eating delicious food and thinking about everything we are thankful for sounds. While you are planning your Thanksgiving outfit for a virtual table via Zoom with your family and friends or you are opting for a cozy night in with a small group, why not step up the game a bit by throwing in some presents? One of the reasons why Thanksgiving is a fun day is because there are no expectations of gifts. So why not take this opportunity to bring a gift to someone if they invite you over for dinner or perhaps show a loved one that you are thankful for the sumptuous meal they are cooking for you.

After all, Thanksgiving is about being grateful and you can express that with some gifts. You can be a little creative when it comes to gifts this season.  If the receiver is into home decor, opt for a chic dried flower arrangement. You may also want to look at some food and drink-related gifts like a wine stopper or a box of cookies. Really, the possibilities are endless with Thanksgiving gifts. Go through these top picks for some gift inspiration for Thanksgiving.

Triple Checkered Bags

Reusable totes especially when they are this adorable are always a great gift option. Not only do they have so many uses, but these bags also help everyone to cut down on single-use bags.

Scented Candles 

Nothing like some good smelling candles as gifts. They are mood boosters and can bring back joyful memories or awakening a sense of calm in the mind.

Colored Hourglass Vase

Here is just a little something to put flowers in and that also happens to be absolutely beautiful. The sculptural lines of this vase are enhanced by the tactile ridges and graceful curves.

Bath Soap and Moisturizer Set

This set of Me-Time bath soap and moisturizer will melt away any post-dinner spread. It makes a good gift for the host of the party. The perfect combo for when in need of some serious R&R.

Bottle Stopper

Can’t finish with the bottle of wine? Well, fret not. This chic wine stopper is coming to the rescue.

Single Stem Glasses

These gorgeous hand-blown wine glasses are perfect to be given as a gift during any holiday. Pour a big glass of wine in one of these puppies, and you are ready for anything. Visit here to read more

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