The 6 Biggest Color Trends We’ll All Be Wearing in 2020

We are often very indecisive about what colour we should pick, especially when a t-shirt is sold in 5, 6 or more different colours. Let’s start then to make a selection, which can begin with choosing our favourite colour, or thinking about what kind of matching outfit we want to create. When, on the other hand, we cannot really decide the colour that is best fit for us, here we must absolutely appeal to the colour trends that have been seen on the catwalks during this year. Are you wondering what they are? Let’s jump immediately to the list of the best 6 colours that we can wear this year, taking as a reference to the Pantone Matching System in order to be very accurate.

1 Biscay Green

How many of us have daydreamed with our heart eyes a ring, a necklace or some accessory in front of a Tiffany boutique? This brand has made it’s colour a total trademark! If we have been obsessed with buying a Tiffany green bag for years, the time has now come! But let’s not focus only on bags and accessories: any Biscay green garment worn with something white will give us a touch of unique simplicity that we will never get tired of.

2 Flame Scarlet

If you are not into the angelic colour I mentioned before and you consider yourself more like a sexy devil than a cute angel, well, you have my blessing! But you will also have the stylists’ blessing, considering that this is the year of flame scarlet. No problem, therefore, to show off a nice red mini dress that would charm even the manliest guy while you are on the dance floor with your friends. Perfect during the day and in the afternoon but especially in the night to warm up the atmosphere! You get the idea, don’t you?


3 Faded Denim

To be clear, it is the colour of the classic jeans. It is true that not all jeans have the same shade, but here I am referring more to the print and the idea of denim rather than the colour itself. So let’s dig into our wardrobes to dust off some trends from a few years ago, such as overalls, shirts and shorts all made exclusively of denim. Have you realized that not throwing things away can be useful sometimes?


4 Saffron

How good is the saffron risotto? Saffron colour is a kind of yellow that tends towards orange: a dark yellow in simple words. The problem could be the combinations but I think this is a colour that, besides being super fashionable wore as a total look, combines well with lilac for a Leakers style with green for a Brazilian style. Always so beautiful to see!

5 Chive

It is the most popular darkest colour this year, so if we are a lover of dark colours and do not want to move away from our classic but always beautiful sober style, it is the only colour we can rely on. It is a darker olive green, through which we will have no problem in matching whatever we have in the closet!

Olive Green Mini Dress

6 Coral Pink

Am I the only one that always used to choose pink when it came to the colour of a skirt during my first year of university? Please, tell me that it is not so! Having said that, in addition to faded denim, I will dust off coral pink clothes too and wear them with my crop tops throughout the summer season. If you answered no to the previous question, you will have to go shopping instead!

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