charming in temperament

At the ceremony of opening, everyone was shocked by the dress of the first lady, she was so dignified and elegant, It is so charming in temperament for her to show out in the media which shoot by all the photos or video , Every piece of his clothes will not repeat for the same … [Read more…]

The pattern of food

Nowadays, more and more people would like to pay their attention to the improvement of taste in their daily life, this situation not only reflected the eating, playing but also wearing, and then which you are more concerned about above all?maybe If you are a girl, you may choose eating and wear, so here,  the … [Read more…]

Tell me do you like sexy Corsets?

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Do you want to have a Christmas Costume?

What is your memory of Christmas? Every Christmas,which is the most happy time, for adults, because the family can be happy together in that holidays , decorated the Christmas tree carefully, so it is a good memory, for office workers, you can has a day off, let yourself have a rest time to relax, for … [Read more…]

What kinds of Corsets do you like?

As we all know,every girl can not be separated from underwear in the personal items,So,there is in need choosing the right underwear for girls.The quality of underwear can related to our health directly,nowadays, because of stress from work or other factors in daily life,a woman was found have problems in the heathy of breast one … [Read more…]

How to choose sexy costumes

Do you want to be more sexy?If your daily life is always ignorant of the conservative or immutable, Is that a dull and boring? Life is not just work for company, work for children,and work for husband, that too conservative to show our body, sometimes show your sexy body appropriate ,it will add a lot … [Read more…]

Bikini development history and choice

The summer of 1947, the French beach for the first time appeared modern bikini, following the previous year after the invention in France. It is named after the “Bikini Atoll”, which is home to many nuclear explosions in the Pacific. Just a few weeks later, a swimsuit “Atome” was called “the world’s smallest swimwear”, this … [Read more…]

Corset tips for beginners

You are new to the corset, do not know where to start? Here are some great corset tips for beginners. But first let me remind you how to measure a steel corset. You need to grab a tape measure, measure your waist, it is soaked in one side and one day the big tip, do … [Read more…]