In 1927, he became the murder of the media circus and a famous movie.

A housewife and salesman had an affair, then hatched the conspiracy to kill her husband and demanded insurance money when he died. If this sounds like a black movie plot, it is because it is; this is the plot of James Kane’s 1943 crime novel “Double Compensation” and the 1944 film adaptation. But this is also what happens in the real crimes that Double Indemnity is based on.

On March 20, 1927, Ruth Snyder claimed that two “giant Italians” broke into her house in Queens and stunned her. She said they tied her up and left her in the hallway. Then, when her 9-year-old daughter was still asleep, they killed her husband and stole her jewelry.

The police immediately suspected that Snyder did not seem to have been eliminated. They also found her “stolen” jewelry stuffed under her mattress. Within a few hours, she gave up the name of the married corset salesman who slept with Henry Judd Gray and nailed the murder to him.

When the police arrived in Gray, he confessed but accused Snyder of tempting him and planning to murder her husband, the art editor of the motorboat magazine. The police also found that just before her husband was murdered, Snyder forged a double compensation insurance policy in his name because he accidentally died nearly $100,000.

In addition to failed insurance fraud, one of the most significant aspects of crime is how Snyder and Gray can do nothing. They hit him with heavy objects in the window, killed Snyder’s husband, stuffed the chloroform-soaked cotton into his nose and strangled him with a frame. They tried to cover it up as a bad “break into”, and when the story fell, the former lovebirds immediately turned to each other.

At the time, journalist Damon Runyon called it “dumbbell murder” because it was too stupid. However, in the past year, it has received “the attention of the press, which is not commensurate with the importance of murder to society as a whole,” said Maurine Beasley, a professor of journalism at the University of Maryland. “These are not politicians, these people are not important, these are not celebrities – these are ordinary people.”

The driving force behind this report is the Daily Graphic, the daily news and the New York tabloid news battle between William Randolph Hearst’s Daily Mirror. In order to transcend each other, they have locked in stories that have little to do with the public and draw readers with sensational details. The tabloid “has not hesitated to fabricate details because it does not strictly follow the facts,” Beasley said. Prior to Snyder and Gray, the New York tabloid triggered a similar media sensation in the murder of a pastor and chorus in New Jersey in 1922.

In the report, the tabloid turned Snyder and Gray into sensational figures in Hollywood movies. This is especially true for Snyder, who became the beauty of the story. The tabloid described her as a “synthetic blonde murderer”, a “vampire’s wife” – the most unusual – “ruthless Ruth, Queen’s Village Viking Ice Girl”, Penelope Pelizzon and Nancy West in 2005 10 Written in a narrative article of the month.

Gray also often speaks to tabloids and portrays himself as a victim. Before Snyder and Gray’s trial began, he described his relationship with Snyder’s “Daily News”: “She will put her face one inch away from me, watching deeply. My eyes, until I am completely her. When she hypnotizes my thoughts with her eyes, she will pat my cheek with my palm to control my body.”

Such reports have aroused public interest in the case. “There are 1,500 people packed in court every day, and as many as 2,000 people besieged the streets,” Jessie Ramey wrote in an article in the Spring 2004 Social History Journal. The hawker sells fake tickets for $50, and souvenir vendors sell sticks with murder weapons – belt weight – ten cents.

How did the whole legend end? In James Cain’s novella, the salesman (selling insurance instead of a corset) fled to a ship in Latin America, only to find that his female accomplice was also on board. Because the criminal records in the newspapers have become “sensational”, they are afraid of being arrested, and they will all commit suicide by jumping off the building at night. In the movie version of double compensation, it was not taken out of the country. The celluloid salesman killed his girlfriend and waited for the police to take him away.

But somehow, the real ending of the story is more morbid.

How to wear an OG blockbuster like Sophia Roland like 2018

Sophia Loren was there before we brought Tom Kardashian West to Tom Ford for Gucci thongs and Versace chain mail dresses.

The Italian actress concentrated on the sultry fashion in the 1950s and 1960s, her chest-enhanced bodice, tight-fitting dress, and her seaside shorts. She even looks tempting in a simple pair of jeans and a striped T-shirt.

Roland has an enviable confidence and a gorgeous figure. She never deprives her of her hobbies, nor is she a person who discusses her fitness habits if she wanders around Rome or starred in Hollywood’s main movie.

Roland is proud of her body and is still 84 years old today. We can all learn one or two things from Ms. Dolce Vita. Her clothes are just to show her sexy style without apology and her preference for beautiful fashion.

Today, to celebrate her birthday, there are seven ways to do some blockbusters like Loren, not including championships, PVC or Kardashian-approved underwear.

Jenna Coleman studies maternity and brings Queen Victoria to life

I am now on the corset at the airport,” Jenna Coleman said with a smile. She called from Victoria’s phone and explained the intermittent buzz of our conversation.

But we are not discussing Victoria now (we will certainly do this – later). We are discussing Coleman’s latest TV series “Cry”, which literally speaks far beyond her depiction of the cursed monarch. Coleman is located in a coastal town in Australia, playing Joe, a woman’s mental state and relationship unraveling when her baby disappears.

“This relationship with the mother and the relationship with the child is very important,” she talked about the roles and research. “Obviously I am not a mother, so it is an interesting thing to be closely related. Fortunately, I have many friends who have just given birth, so they are very helpful. Some of them also sent me. Some real, inner details tell the daily reality of being a mother.”

“Some things you didn’t really think of so much,” she continued. “Even the logistics of leaving the house and the questions about your identity. This is an eye-opening process.”

Complex emotional exploration is not the only challenge Coleman finds in his role. Her first psychological thriller, the plot is intricate, the plot twists and turns, keeping the truth beyond the mastery of the audience. “This is about things you won’t give up,” she said. “You often put your card on your chest.”

Although the scene is painful, the atmosphere during the shooting is far from this. “It became very enjoyable, dizzy and happier because it was so emotionally a roller coaster. We just wanted to get rid of it, so it actually turned into an extreme opposite between the two.”

Coleman’s career trajectory brought her into some wonderful TV series – from Waterloo Road to Mystery Doctor, perhaps most notably, as the Queen Victoria described above in her growing drama – when she boarded The throne was married to Prince Albert. Which part of the job does she think is the most valuable?

“When you are given life, it is such a gift,” she thought. “Things like Victoria can grow up with this character. To be a few series, she is old now, we have seven children!”

However, there are countless opportunities to appear on yourself every day, and often have the opportunity to turn her hand to something new that appeals to actresses. “We are doing the stadium next week, so I am learning polka now, one of them is a large wig from Georgia,” Coleman said with a smile. “I think this is change. There is not much time to be bored. This is an amazing thing.”

Mariah Carey, 49, presents her famous assets on a bodice while having dinner with friends in West Hollywood.

As her latest music video will prove again – she has never been afraid to show off her sensational curves.

Maria Kelly was no different on Monday night, and Mariah Carey showed her wafer shape while dining with friends in West Hollywood.

The 49-year-old female singer’s crumbling black corset top caused everyone’s attention to her famous assets.

On the night of Le Meridien, the opera actress and her girlfriend had dinner and enjoyed a two-hour dinner. Her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka is nowhere to be seen.

Just last week, Maria released a new musical “GTFO” in which she placed a mysterious, unnamed lover in the explosion.

Although she did not reveal any names, it is speculated that the singer is taking a fierce attack on her former fiance, Australian billionaire James Packer, a relationship that broke out in a legal fireworks explosion two years ago. .

The acronym for Get The F * ck Out, the first single in the opera since the messy breakup.

Although it sounds very quiet, her lyrics are not prisoners.

“You take my love for granted / you make me lost, no longer fantasizing / overthrowing my heart, as if you have a plan,” Kelly sings, then re-sings ‘how’ round your f * ck?

Critics say this sounds much harder than the romantic ballads whose names soared in the 1990s.

Not your average royal engagement! Sophie Wessex visited the underwear department of Windsor’s historic Daniel department store for 100 years – and stopped to stare at the stylish retro corset

The Countess of Wessex is in Windsor today, but she does not visit the famous name of her luxurious mother-in-law.

Instead, the 53-year-old Sophie is helping the historic department store Daniels celebrate his 100th birthday – visit the lingerie show.

Sophie enjoyed the finish line at a famous store just a short walk from Windsor Castle, and saw a vintage bra and corset in the lingerie department.

The mother of the two children came to the tour wearing one of her favorite costumes, a daisy detail designed by designer Suzannah.

Sophie loosened in a gold-colored lock and finished the look with a pair of nude-colored high heels and a taupe clutch.

To celebrate the store’s milestones, local schoolchildren from the Windsor Boys School and the Windsor Girls’ School performed for the countess, and she unveiled the commemorative plaque to commemorate the birthday.

The store was originally founded by Walter James Daniel in Ealing in 1901. His son, Charles, bought a sister shop in Windsor in 1918 and worked with his brother Mabel.

The property is located at 120 Peascod Street, renting only £150 a year and soon becoming a high-end department store.

Earlier today, it was announced that the countess would travel to Isle of Wight on Thursday to name the new ferry and visit Liz Earle Cosmetics.

Lord Lt on the island, Major General Martin White said: “I am very happy to welcome His Royal Highness back to the island, both of which are Wightlink’s White Victoria, and it is important to support important aspects of our charity and business sectors.

The Isle of Wight Council Chairman Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox said: “The Countess of Wessex will warmly welcome back to our island. Thanks a lot for her knowledge, interest and care for nature.

Global Tights Market Report for 2018 | Players – DarkLure, VOLLERS CORSETS, Easto Garments and ADOREME


The 2018 Global Corset Market Report provides detailed research reports that illustrate different vertical industries. It includes the key corset business factors that lead to market development and progress.

The Global Corset Market Report divides the industry into categories based on manufacturing regions. The Corset Industry Report provides complete knowledge to help you make important decisions. The study covers the business strategy, opportunities, threats and predictions of the corsets from 2018 to 2023.

The steady demand for corsets provides a positive growth opportunity for this market worldwide.

The corset report indicates that the industry is being driven by factors such as the massive growth in commercial applications of corsets. It is expected that the growth of global industrial trade will promote the development of the global corset industry.

During the assessment period from 2018 to 2023, the compound annual growth rate of the corset market is expected to reach X.X%. The growth of the tights market is likely to be constrained by factors such as high investment costs and long-term implementation.

Initially, the Global Corset Market Report explained the basic industry profile to readers. Then, the main aspects of the corset industry show the growth of the market.

In addition, it mentions the product definition, application and scope of the corset market worldwide. In addition, the corset study combines the research methods used to collect all industry details.

Nicole Scherzinger squats in a corset

floral shirt womens

The singer of Pussycat Dolls apparently missed the X Factor judging panel this year, which frustrated her fans.

But the little star is still the focus of attention, and a series of hot updates have been released on her Nicole Scherzinger Instagram.

According to her profile, the 40-year-old dressed in a bodice jumpsuit reveals a surprising selfie.

Nicole flaunted her bare chest in a smashed outfit, undoubtedly drawing attention when she poses for the camera.

The crow’s hair shrews designed her long hair with long curly hair, and she allowed her to loosen from her front.

Nicole made a beautiful statement with bright red lips and large false eyelashes.

She described the selfie for her 3.6 million fans, she wrote: “British! I dress for all of you,” followed by a few kissing faces.

Nicole released her own storm at London Fashion Week.

Scherzinger made sure to steal the spotlight and he wore a sly pink miniskirt.

Because of her seemingly endless legs, the Hawaiian native shouted loudly as she celebrated her confidence.

In response to this moment, a fan exclaimed: “God, you look amazing.”

Another person is full of praise: “Go all out for London Fashion Week,” followed by a kissing face.

“For a few days, dear,” commented an awesome audience.

In addition to praise, a supporter commented: “You are really a work of art.”

Nicole recently returned to the studio in London, where she is studying the new music she is eagerly awaiting.

Nicole Scherzinger wearing a zip leather skirt and bodice

NICOLE Scherzinger will definitely excel in her latest ensemble.

The former X Factor judge looks hot, as she paired her latest event with a white shirt with a red leather skirt and a bodice.

Nicole Scherzinger launches her perfume Chosen in a Mataram store in Liverpool, wearing lively clothes.

The stars of Pussycat Dolls are dressed in a full-bodied outfit, and she is paired with scarlet heels.

When she wore a dark lock with spiral curls, Nicole also made a red-slip voice.

When talking about her new fragrance, the star said: “I want women to feel selected when they wear perfume, feel love and feel worship.

She continued to tell Liverpool echo: “Every woman should have this feeling, and one of the absolute mantras that I feel good is that it smells good.”

Nicole launched after celebrating her 40th birthday in June.

Grigor Dimitrov, a 27-year-old Bulgarian tennis player, celebrated this landmark event with friends in the Bagandlle restaurant.
Unfortunately, for the stunner, it seems that Grigor can’t cook.

However, we are sure that they will celebrate it together at some point.

After showing that the owner Simon Cowell was defeated by X Factor, Nicole has now left our screen.

He also got rid of Louis Walsh, who reportedly returned to Sharon Osbourne as the fifth judge in the live performance.

The new selection includes Take That star Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field, and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and 58-year-old Simon.

Auction: Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Corset, Boots, Gloves

long sleeve tops womens

No matter how you look at Tim Burton’s Batman return movie, you must agree that Michelle Pfeiffer’s catwoman costume is one of the iconic moments in the picture.

If you are a fan of that version of Catwoman, then you have thousands of pounds of good news because her bottom bra, boots and gloves are being auctioned through next week’s Propstore Auction.

The feature of the corset is “M. Pheiffer (original), stage 3, issue 4” handwritten on the label, indicating the degree of pain applied, how far the film is used, and this is for production creation One of several costumes. The catwoman’s corset appears on a black wooden custom display stand. It shows intentional pain and production wear, including red, green, white and orange paints and makeup residues.

Made from a black tread with five metal claws, these long gloves are made from black paint and sewn to each fingertip. Each paw is a unique creation made of thimbles, razors, wires and other sharp sewing tools. Glossy latex coatings have deteriorated since production and are now almost completely detached from gloves. Shown on custom brackets, obvious signs include paint shavings and surface corrosion coatings on each jaw.

The designer, Bob Ringwood, was inspired by the stitched German sculptures and provided a striking hand-made suit for Bob Kane’s classic Batman villain. . These knee-length black leather boots feature high heel stilettos, pointed toe, high soles and beautiful stitching. The laces are fixed in a crisscross pattern through 29 holes and tied to the top. Each toe has a V-shaped detail and the heel portion includes a curved piece of leather.

Catwoman’s boots appear on a custom display. They show creases and wear used in production, especially around the heel, toes and soles.

Who knows that GILLIE details are pink? ! ? We cannot overcome that fact.

Perspective buyers can now begin the bidding process and the actual auction will be completed next week. Can’t wait to see the use of these items!

Mary J. Blige shows her curves in a corset print dress when she first appeared at the fashion show in New York Fashion Week

ladies long sleeve tops

Hollywood reporters detailed Mary J. Blige and designer Dennis Basso on the runway for the first time at New York Fashion Week. She wore a stunning white dress and praised her curves with white fur accessories. This dress is also very good. The top is printed with a bodice for a visual impact. There are black stripes on both sides, and the bottom is tumbled for a large amount of movement.

The show was Basso revealing his 2019 spring collection, and Mary J. Blige took the opportunity to comment on this.

The photo shows the designer walking on the runway with the singer as he wears a black suit with a tie with small polka dots.

Mary J. is also decorated with some beautiful gold jewelry, including oversized rings, bracelets and thick earrings. Her hair was applied to her hair with pink lipstick.

The singer has recently been involved in some false gossip, accusing her of having a quarrel with Faith Evans at a party hosted by Diddy at Hamptons. However, she quickly killed the rumors.

“Of course, this is to make up. I shot a movie in Louisiana… I just came here today… I don’t know how this rumor started… Puffy didn’t even have a party.”

Even before Blige made a statement about the rumors, there was no evidence to prove this struggle. It has been speculated that due to the real struggle between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, some people promoted the development of this drama.

According to the “USA Today” report, the incident between Minaj and Cardi B was not so good, the latter found her head impact.

Blige’s appearance in the Basso show makes sense. If you think about the theme of this series, it is “powerful women.” Basso also praised Blige and said: “Working with her is a magical journey, I am very happy with her. Agree to do this show. “.

The designer also revealed that one of his inspirations came from Gianni Agnelli, who said that he is also “inspired by powerful, important women, this feeling is modern and international… you will see in the details In the hand embroidery, all are made in the United States.”