Madeira Beach Yoga offers free Bring-A-Bra yoga classes

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Madeira Beach, Florida – If you have always wanted to try yoga, this is your chance. It will only cost you a bra.

Madeira Beach Yoga will host a free Bring-a-Bra yoga community course on Sunday, July 29 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am to help women in the free clinic in St. Petersburg.

Founded in 1989, Virginia and David Baldwin Women’s Apartments provide a safe place to stay and support for single homeless women as they are committed to self-sufficiency. Residents can work for money, set goals and build life skills while maintaining one to twelve months.

The newly renovated home includes a large commercial kitchen, a teaching area that displays healthy cooking techniques, an open dining area to foster a sense of community, and a training room to teach job search and life skills. Ninety percent of the course graduates continue to live independently under stable conditions after one year of graduation.

Yoga classes will take place on the studio’s yoga terrace overlooking Boca Ciega Bay, 200 Rex Place, Madeira Beach on the Madeira Beach Recreation Center campus.

“We learned that this home always needs to be left unattended, which means providing new bras and underwear for women living,” said Sherry Duquet, co-owner of Madeira Beach Yoga. “This seems to be an easy way to help us decide to make a request in a donation-based community yoga class.”

The public is invited to participate in an hour-long yoga class at all levels and encourages the donation of new bras or underwear for women’s homes. Charities will also accept cash donations.

Participants should also carry a yoga mat and a bottle of water to maintain moisture. For those who need to borrow a mat, there are several mats available.

This free event requires registration because space is limited and filled out quickly. Register online.

Madeira Beach Yoga offers courses for all levels of yogi every Saturday, and beginners are experienced. In addition to the weekly schedule, there are special events every month.

The Madeira Beach Recreation Centre offers three types of environmental yoga: the beaches, courtyards and studios of Archibald Park overlooking Boca Ciega Bay.

Britney Spears showed an impressive dance movement in tiny shorts and bras, fans responded with a wardrobe suggestion

Britney Spears has just proved that she doesn’t need designer outfits, elaborate stages, or a professional alternate dancer to perform spectacular performances. In a recent Instagram video, the “Work B ** ch” singer provided fans with behind-the-scenes footage of her dance choreography, and most of her fans reacted to this frank shot as if it were a Exquisite professional production of new music videos.

On Monday, Britney Spears shared an Instagram video that was taken while she was learning a new dance sequence. In the video, the 36-year-old pop prin is shaking a turquoise sports bra and one of her favorite wardrobe items, a small plaid pajama shorts with a belt.

She is learning some new choreographers, one of her alternate dancers, Mikey Pesante, and some of the two’s actions may seem familiar to Britney fans.

This is a classic move, including shaking your hands like they are wet, you are trying to make them dry, dip and hair flips, lots of hips rolling and rotating, lots of exaggerated arm movements, and a little bit of chest Grab. Britney and Mickey danced in Janet Jackson’s “All Nite” mix, and some of their movements were freed from Miss Jackson’s music video. According to Britney, her dance program has doubled.

“When learning new moves and creating my own routines, I am always amazed at how different your body looks and feels!” Britney explained in the Instagram video. “Doing the same thing while exercising can become very stagnant, which is why I like to dance! Working with @mikeypesante is a very interesting combination!”

sports bra

Although Britney’s video is only a few seconds and she doesn’t dance in her own songs, it definitely marvels her Instagram fans.

“It seems that Britney’s ‘Great Dancer’ is back! Yes,” one fan said.

“Wow, those are some serious moves from the British! Watching her go!” wrote another.

Some fans were impressed with Britney’s way of wearing shorts and sneakers. They even suggested that she should give up her high heels and shiny clothing for a more comfortable outfit, as she wore in the video.

“I am the only one who thinks she should wear trophy shorts and sneakers during the show? A fan wrote that she looks more comfortable when she relaxes.

“High heels slowed you down during the show. Sneak dancing like you used to,” another commented.

Online bra startup Harper Wilde raised $2 million in the seed round

Harper Wilde has raised $2 million in funding and is led by venture capital firm CRV, which tells TechCrunch that it is happy not only to build its own workforce, but to further develop its mission of providing comfort and empowerment bras to women across the country.

Graduate school friends Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher jointly launched Harper Wilde in 2017 to address the fact that buying bras is very bad. From local malls to expensive online retailers, Kner and Fisher are uncomfortable and overly sexy bras about their frustration and disillusionment.

“We make all these friends, colleagues and family members incredible women who are undergoing surgery, attending board meetings, or fighting in court cases, and wearing these terrible bras under them,” Kerner passed The phone told TechCrunch. “We really [hope] help empower these women.”

Kerner and Fisher surveyed more than a hundred women to find what they wanted in the bra and created Harper Wilde to try and offer it.

“We just listened over and over again, this is really not about bras,” Kenna said. “There are thousands of bras there. It’s about sorting all of them, how expensive they are and how condescending the in-store experience is.”

Unlike other popular online lingerie stores, Harper Wilde does not offer dozens of styles or is wrapped in lace or a small bow. Instead, it focuses on providing carefree bras in a variety of sizes and nude colors, designed for everyday hard work and women’s success, with $35 per bra (breast prices ranging from $9.99 for retailers) In Victoria’s secret, the fruit of the loom has been as high as $69.50. )

To give customers access to these choices in an accessible manner and avoid an overwhelming locker room experience, Harper Wilde took a card from Warby Parker’s script and offered a free trial of three bra options for free. Return.

Since its launch a year ago, Harper Wilde has grown at a monthly rate of 20%, and the founders say they are not only excited about Harper Wilde’s collection and employee growth, but also by giving back to the female community. It’s LiftUpTheLadies initiative.

The company works with The Girl Project to help promote education in more than 120 countries and is committed to ensuring a sustainable supply chain for products manufactured by women overseas.

“When you tell women that you want to take the BS out of the bra shopping, this is one thing, but when you say that we represent women empowering it is a completely different level, which is why we do it,” Kerner said. . “People’s eyes are bright, they [say] a time is important to it. They are happy to see a bra company not only representative love.”

Subasic: I don’t want to give up

Danijel Subasic embodies Sochi’s heroism. The Croatian goalkeeper entered the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup and knocked on the door, intensifying the game against Russia, playing in a painful rather than the end, and making a wonderful interception from a compact angle. Preventing the host from winning in the second half of the stoppage time and saving a penalty to help his country win the gun battle.

This made Croatia the second team to win back-to-back relationships in the history of the game – after the 1990 Argentina, they repelled three penalty points in 16 rounds when they eliminated Denmark. This makes 33 years – only a third person can save four times in the World Cup’s shootout, which is comparable to the record shared by Harald Schumacher and Sergio Gucciceva.

It also highlights why many people think that Subasic played against Nigeria and a Messi-led Argentina in the group stage twice, being the pioneer of Adidas Golden Gloves.

“I started warming up before the kickoff and I felt the pain in my muscles,” Subasic explained to after the thriller at Fisht Stadium. “My physiotherapist massaged my leg and saw that I could play.

“Later, I felt pain again, but I didn’t want to give up. I know that the coach needs another substitute. During the break, the masseur did some quick work, just like a Formula 1 car after a pit stop, I and the new car. It’s just as good.

“This is a long season, but you have participated in the World Cup semi-final once in your life, and now there is no sense of giving up.”

Croatia’s opponent in Moscow is England, and Subasic is preparing for the game.

“There are great players in England – they are a great team,” he said. “They have a lot of young people, but they are really great, they are very fast, they are playing in a great club. This is for us. It will be another very tough game, a great game challenge.

“We don’t care about our competition or who is the most popular game. The important thing is that we do our best on the court. Do our best to end its ending.”

The Croatian team featured Zvonimir Boban, Robert Prosinecki and Davor Suker. In 1998, the French team won the world championship, leading the host, and then trailing 2-1 in the semi-finals. The Monaco was selected as the best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 in the 2016/17 season and he decided to let Vatreni fall into the same stage again.

“Some of my personal life goals are to participate in the World Cup, especially in the game. I am trying to reach this level in the club, now I enjoy it. Let this story continue!”

HOTTEST bikini trend in 2018: from side swimwear to EXTREME tailored style

This year, many weird swimwear trends have shaken the fashion world.

Whether it’s a “reversed” bikini or a low-cut swimwear, this summer has a style that suits everyone.

To celebrate today’s International Bikini Day, the Daily Star has reviewed the most exciting look of 2018.

Will you wear these bravely?

Pretty Little Thing is picking up many different color sideboob costumes.

From pink to bright red and classic white, bikini babes come in a variety of looks.

Don’t worry about destroying the bank, because the price of popular clothing websites starts at £18.

The body-confident babes will be swayed by Agent Provocateur.

Their bikinis have triangular gaps and no imagination.

Is this probably the hottest swimwear trend in 2018?

Oh, Polly is selling the smallest bikini we have ever seen.

This 30-pound two-piece top features a mini-triangle design and a double-layered fabric that prevents the swimsuit from seeing through.

Although the piece completely covers the intimate area, there is almost no cover on the back, as the bottom is in thong style.

This is definitely the latest sexy craze against the fashion world.

The underboob style is characterized by extreme cuts and almost no imagination.

If this bikini is in your alley, oh Polly is fl fl fl swim swim swim swim.

Agent Provocateur has released a consumer that contains many eye-catching slashes.

The luxury retailer is selling swimsuits tailored in different positions on the bikini.

It exposes the skin in areas that enhance your body and draws the direct eye onto your curves.

“Upside down bikini” is taking over Instagram, this trend is an NSFW

Now that heat is already there, nothing is better than a leisurely summer in a swimsuit. However, if you are tired of your everyday bikini, but don’t necessarily want to buy a new suit, just turn to Instagram for the latest trends: upside down bikinis.

While it seems that Instagram is primarily concerned with beauty and hairstyle trends, such as the Harry Potter fans’ Butterbeer hairstyle trends or the trend of all modern hippie tie-dye hairstyles, the upside down bikini seems to be the summer trend for everyone to jump up.

At first glance, this is not a bad idea. We are all recycling and reusing the items we own to reduce waste, which is the perfect way to use swimwear. It completely reshapes the look of the bikini without having to spend a penny.

Obviously, if you want to follow this trend, it will depend on the bikini you have, because some look really good, while others are a bit nervous. Either way, we appreciate creativity.

This trend has become popular in Europe, and it seems to be a trickle in the United States. There is even an Instagram account dedicated to sharing and posting photos of people involved in this bikini reversal. The social media account is properly named Upsidedownbikini_official.

However, although it looks great, we don’t recommend water sports unless you don’t mind losing the possibility of the top.

Although this is a trend that is easy to copy, not everyone has this summer look.

Suspicion is understandable.

It seems that this may be a trend that varies from person to person, and swimsuits and swimsuits will vary. But if you want to try it, we hope that you will succeed.

These little bikinis will start to become popular this summer

Although we tremble during the winter, you may wish to book your nearest salon immediately before this summer’s hottest bikini trend.

These ultra-shorts, high-waisted “drawstring” bikini bottoms are sweeping Instagram – with almost no imagination and requiring some serious bikini maintenance.

Because of the combination of the belts and fabrics of swimwear, the Internet calls it the “belly belt bikini.”

Supermodels Elsa Hosk and Emily Ratajkowski frolic in sexy looks, showing everything from the hip cleavage to the so-called “Toblerone Tunnel”.

Ratajkowski’s new swim series, Inamorata, launched the “Neptune” series, while the “It” girl brands Danielle Guizio and Minimale Animale carry their own sultry bikinis.

In an interview with, the creative directors of the Melbourne swimwear brands BOSSA, Charissa Trikos and Connie Dritsas said that when it comes to bikinis, “the higher the better”.

“Everyone wants to show off the chest, buttocks and buttocks next to it. Kardashian’s styling really returned to our culture, and this design does stretch the legs – which means the wearer looks higher and more thin.”

Although the bottom of the ceiling may be a bit daunting, it’s clear that every woman should at least try it because “it can shape almost all shapes.”

Roxane Uzureau, the chief designer of Swidyn Swim, a Sydney-based swimwear brand, says that this design creates a miracle in the wearer’s profile.
“Anyone can take off the look of a high waist or high chest because it will praise any character,” Ms Uzureau told the news.

“This design has a visual illusion that draws the eyeline to the waist and because your waist is always smaller than the hips, it gives people the overall appearance of a slimmer illusion.”

Activewear Indie Darling Outdoor Voices Launches First Swimwear Series

Austin-based Sportswear Series Outdoor Voices today launched the first swimwear series called the H2OV. This new colorful swim outfit has eight female styles with accessories such as beach towels and vintage Freestyle watches.

The brand said that the new product line “is created for water sports… through activities to inspire interest and inject energy through the use of bold colors and true OV-blocking modes.”

Known for its Instagram-friendly pastel shades and fitness equipment, this swimwear line runs counter to the style of the previous series. CEO and founder Taylor Hani talks about new colors: “We strongly feel that colors, especially bright colors, can add vitality to your equipment and help motivate you to move. Swim gives us the opportunity to The new approach uses bolder colors and new silhouettes. ”

When asked about product inspiration and process, Haney shared: “The product creation digs deeply into our customers’ requirements and several rounds of testing. Last year, when we received our first round of samples, we were at Barton Springs near the Austin headquarters. An event was held with some customers.

We got a lot of feedback, and these feedbacks help shape our approach – in fact, there is no original pattern or material that can cut through the final. In each round of competitions, we have tested through a series of activities such as swimming, water skiing and surfing, as well as various climates. We have already boarded the fabrics we are really proud of. “

Clovia Launches New Line of Vibrant and Chic Swimwear

We entered the summer, which means that the holidays and pool meetings on the beach are orderly. The days when people visit beaches with monotonous T-shirts and shorts are gone forever.

Today, it is absolutely necessary to plan a beach vacation or to plunge pools in chic, stylish and stylish swimwear that allows you to fight against fashion! The fastest-growing lingerie brand in Clovia, India, has launched a new line of trendy swimwear, including singles, bikinis, halter tops, unlined suits, tankinis, bathing suits and beach skirts.

Like every new Clovia collection, its design also bears in mind contemporary women’s contemporary and modern tastes. Bathing suits have removable biscuits, styles ranging from sexy bikinis and V-cuts to gentler swimwear and boys’ legs so that people can choose according to their needs and preferences.

Colors range from solid red, blue, black to gradient pink, yellow, orange, and even white or nude.

This is a weird model club in stripes, flowers and polka dots. The series also features vibrant sarongs and crocheted robes in pastel and sunset shades. These beauties are made of soft polyamide material and provide a comfortable feeling of water in and out.

Clovia Chief Operating Officer Suman Chowdhury said: “Swimsuits have become an important part of women’s closets. Women are not only seeking comfortable swimwear but also a fashion statement.

Clovia’s new swimwear line offers a variety of stylish styles and designs to cater to and check all the fashion pointers on every girl’s list. Believe that “the more the better”, women can explore countless appearances and prepare for the summer preparations for the sand tour and pool parties. “

These swim suits appear in quirky, unique and lively designs at prices of Rs 1,399 and above.

Modeling Designer: Sofia Resing’s New Swimwear Collection is a shrinking dream of the 1990s

Striking colors. High leg cuts. There are all scrunchies you never thought you would see again. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Sofia Resing launched her debut swimmar line, which is a 90s baby’s dream come true!

Sofia collaborated with Argentinian fashion designer Mery Racauchi to create a unique and memorable swimwear collection, designed by SOFIA RESING MERY PLAYA. The product series released today was inspired by Mega’s signature Pegasus. The fabulous wing creatures act as a perfect muse. This is a whimsical series because it is practical.

“In my modelling career, I have been working with many swimwear brands and working with Sports Illustrated will always be one of my proudest memories and achievements,” Sofia told SI Swimsuit.

“Working with Mery Racauchi to launch my own swimwear series MERY PLAYA exceeds any excitement I’ve ever known—in terms of creativity and not just a model. Using my experience to design each piece, Brazilian tradition makes my vision very interesting. !”

During her modelling career, Sofia dreamed of designing lines that fit her body. She envisions a line that blends classic style with modern style, and offers a completely new way in soft colors.

And this is how MERY PLAYA! So, whether you’re looking for yourself on the shores of Los Angeles or on Bora Bora’s beach, you can choose from 5 MERY PLAYA debuts to suit all your needs. (Rewards: All works have a pink lining to support women’s empowerment!)