Fashion: the coolest sequins for party season clothes

Womens Sexy Dresses

It’s just no Christmas without at least one piece of sequins, isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s fun to go beyond fashion and switch to your style, but when December comes, there’s only one thing in our mind: gleaming clothes.

Whether it is the office Christmas party at night or take your girl, everyone has at least one occasion sequined cocktail Womens Sexy Dresses out of coverage is basically the only choice – this is why the store now packed with clothes, do not look out of place in the floor that strict.

This season, this is not just the holiday favorite silver and gold, in the glittering market. Sapphire blue and purple are the chocolates of Christmas, reminiscent of the rich (in a good way), while metal like rose gold and copper provide a more subtle way to shine.

The bodycon silhouette is coming back (that’s going to aw17 80s Fashion trend), and we see a lot of cold sleeve details and long sleeves (a wise choice if you don’t want to seem too exposed to work).

Whatever your preference, there was a glittering spoiler in everyone. We’ve already collected a dozen dazzling Womens Sexy Dresseses that are suitable for party season.

Womens Sexy Dresses

1. Wallis black sequined embellishment cold shoulder Womens Sexy Dresses, by 75

2. The new look silver premium scrub 21 sequined Womens Sexy Dresses, by 39.99; dark grey funnel neck rib, by 9.99; tin flash clutch bag, by 15.99; silver earring, t 8.99

3. Dorothea Perkins silver sequined cashmere Womens Sexy Dresses by bodycon, 38; black nobility socks boots, by 35

4. Studio by dancing in purple sequined skirt, now reduced to 59.50 e e 85, Debenhams

5. Wallis’s small black flute sleeve Womens Sexy Dresses, 45 pounds

6. Searl Selfridge, a bodycon premium Sequin embellishment shoulder Womens Sexy Dresses, now reduced to 62.10 from 69 t t

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