Facebook bans new bra ads after Berlei hits

After lingerie brand Berlei hit back with Facebook’s new ads, women were forbidden to try to find perfect bras in uncomfortable situations.
Business shows the struggles and failures of women’s corset style bra, including suppressing breasts or forcing them to sit separately from unnatural bras; to stimulate from steel wires; and bras to push, suppress, and limit.
So basically, all the discomfort, all women have met at least once in their lives.
Facebook (and Instagram, part of Facebook) banned corset style bra’ s advertising because of potential attacks”.
The social media giant claims that it determines the potential crime fear community – the reason for high criticism.
“Berlei believes that this situation highlights the social problems in which breasts are regarded as sexual property,” said a spokesman for the company.

corset style bra
They want to change the brand’s narrative of female advertising, hoping to convey information to their online communities without being suppressed.
The ad was temporarily banned until YouTube was restored.
The spokesman said Facebook’s high reasoning that ads on its platform were not allowed to be “pixel exposed,” apparently concentrated in bouncing breasts and over magnified images”.
At no stage will the advertisement adequately expose women’s breasts.
After advertising, they appointed the first monkey bereli in June.
Berlei tells Mumbrella, “this shows that not all corset style bra are female – regardless of age, shape and size.”.
The ad highlights the everyday realities of women treating the breasts in an honest and truthful way. Like the bra itself, the ad aims to give women more love and self investment.
High business is the first brand of lingerie series, and women who wear regular bras struggle every day.
The ad was discovered after more than 500 women were surveyed.
The high appeal was banned, but the protest was dismissed.

Top 8 stage costumes

Daft Punk helmet
Since 2001, the two wore gorgeous helmets and gloves, playing robot roles in most public places, rarely interviewed or appeared on television. The impressive helmet production costs are said to be $65000.
Michael Jackson’s red jacket
The jacket was designed by Deborah Nadoolman Landis and directed by John Landis’s wife. Landis also designed the Indiana Jones jacket in Indiana Jones and many other. Theorange jacket with corset style bra  is the “M” sign of many zippers, pointing out that the work with the horns, shoulders, and stiff shoulders is prominent on the arm. Landis said the clothes she designed helped Jackson become more masculine”. The jacket became the hottest fashion in the middle of the 1980s, and was widely copied. It even imitates stars such as Chris Brown and Kanye West today. In June 27, 2011, the jacket was sold for $1 million 800 thousand at the Julian auction. The buyer, Milton Verret, describes the history of “the greatest rock and roll souvenir.””.
David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust
According to Bowie himself, heworeaneyepatch was interviewed for the first time just because of a conjunctivitis and he had an interview shortly before. He looks good, and he decides to go with other people to space pirates.
A slash of hats, glasses, and cigarettes
The 2007 slash told the Huffington post that he bought his signature top hat at 1985, when he went to buy an unforgettable accessory to Losangeles. When the aspiring guitar is broken, the line between “shopping” and “walk” is very vague. Ironically, he had to rely on the police to retrieve the stolen cover when the diagonal hat was stolen and a Grammy award was held several years ago.
The Beatles marching suit
The Beatles, the famous Sgt Pepper clothing company, designed Mr. Berman, just as iconic Fab four what to wear.

 corset style bra

Bra Cone Madonna
Madonna came up with a stylish moment in her pink tapered corset style bra tights in Chiba, japan. From Lady Gaga to wacky Al, stage costumes, materials, girls, unveiled in April 13, 1990, continued to reverberate through popular culture.
Kiss makeup
Jean Simmons told about how make-up began in an interview: “at the same time, we’re in New York, and there’s a very big flash scene. Boys basically make up like girls.”. You know, all the skinny little guys, hairless boys. Well, we’re more of a football player. We’re all over 6 feet tall, but not convincing! When the band got together for the first time, the first picture we took seemed like a drag queen. But we know we want to be weird. We’re not a grateful band, and on the stage, it looks worse than the one he sent us. That doesn’t negate what the dead and other bands are doing. It’s not us. Standing on the stage is almost a sacred place for us, just like a church, so it doesn’t look like a tramp on the stage. This is where make-up and make-up are made.
Elvis Jumpsuit
There are a couple of years, has spread to the story of how a jumpsuit. First of all, Elvis commissioned Bill Belew to put his pants on the stage after the infamous “Elvis Jumpsuit””. Another story is that Elvis only need to allow a lot of movement, need to be different, of course, in true Elvis style, gorgeous, therefore approved the Jumpsuit to see.

She is not shy!

Radio host EM Luxianuo off the bodice and lively black corset style bra show photo shoot.

corset style bra
She is an outspoken radio host and comedian.
EM put a live photo on the show, sharing the results Instagram Tuesday.
The 38 year old stripped off tights and tight black corset style bra, revealing the thin tone of her arms and legs.
They shared a very wonderful shot to promote her in the 2018 evil queen comedy tour.
An image shows the personality of the Sport Bra, and the balconette style accentuates her chest and lean arms.
The corset, with her slender waist and high cut black silk shorts, showed her beautiful legs.
All eyes staring at the camera, they have short black hair combed back and adds a touch of drama makeup statement.
Other clips share EM’s Instagram story and see the author carrying pure Burgundy robes with sultry faux fur details.
In order to find her element, they made some camera faces.
After explaining the concept of the photographs, the black hair stuck to Instagram’s despicable alarm: “recently I decided to be my CEO.”For the first time in 15 years, I chose not to manage…
It’s time to double your investment. Today is my team’s first attack, and combined with my next tour photo album, I think you’ll like it.
“Thanks for @ Kayzar snap, I’ll damn it to me. Although I’m exhausted now, I think I might be excited, relaxed and grateful.”
They have become a household name because of her 2Day FM Radio Co performances with Harley brin.
Harry discovered that Yahoo7 was in July, and it was its likes and outspoken stars to work for.
The two of us don’t have a filter, but we trust each other, and if we start talking, it’ll go somewhere. Every thing will be fine。
EM and Halley took over now to cut 2Day FM radio programs by Rove McManus and reality show star Sam Frost.

100 years of corset style bra

In New York, the corset ball dressing, socialite Mary Phelps Jacob a 100 years ago is the destruction of her pure gown silhouette. A flash of inspiration, along with a sewing kit, pink ribbon and two handkerchiefs, led her to design a modern corset style bra.
Jacobs won an American patent in 1914. Her innovation was to lift the chest from the shoulder and divide the chest into two different shapes. And there is some debate about the inventor of the bra, some people say that this is Amy’s eighteenth century French lingerie maker, Yakaduoer, fashion, clothes in the Sydney museum curator Glynis Jones, Jacob’s design is a modern bra and a $30 billion industrial base.
People have been trying to use corset style bra before, but we remember her because she really created bras, breasts, and separated and made a patent.”
Jacobs sold her patent for $1500, and over the next 30 years, she sold more than $15 million. For the first time in mass production, women can wear soft, light clothing to separate the breasts.
The popularity of the first World War to help cement the bra, after the British and American women were asked to give up their tights free metal in the United States will save 25000 kilograms, enough to help the construction of two allied warships.
More than 100 of bras are in the museum’s clothing Museum, and the oldest is a “‘bust modifier,” Jones said. “Evolved underwear is a technology driven trend in all the contours of the past 100 years.”.
Edward’s profile is a zigzag: shape with the’bust modifier under the great depression.
“It’s like a headband is made of linen, with Boning and laces [] through the front of it, you can wear shoes, it creates a frame in front of the breast, causing it to expand the chest. But it won’t separate them. It created the idea that Edward’s clothes are very popular.”corset style bra
Every woman remembers her first bra – this is a right is also a kind of fashion, from the last century, the 20s recession crushed flat, designed to give women a childish chart, to the last century in 30s, when people created a popular fabric bra more affordable than cotton with a more expensive silk is a better choice.
This means that lingerie is becoming cheaper and cheaper, with a variety of styles.”
In the last century in 50s, Whirlpool created stitching progress, which is responsible for the’torpedo-shaped breast. “.” “You have stitching, going to point in the nipple and really pushing it all of a sudden and you get in the form with Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe,” Jones said.
1960s and 70s are about color and collocation. Buy a more useful outfit, colored prints and matching bra and trouser suits. Underwear looks more interesting.
In 90s, underwear became a coat. Underwear becomes so beautiful that you can wear it outside, and you get a lot of designer lingerie.”
Wonderbra was founded in 1964, but 1994 really took off when Eva Herzigova put her coat model in Times Square and said, “Hello boy.””.
The magic bra has 54 design elements: it will crash, you can wear a low cut clothing, but it also brings depression. It gives women fuller forms.
By contrast, Jacob’s original patent bra application had only eight design elements.
And the magic bra ad 1994 caused a sensation in lingerie, and today’s parade is commonplace.

corset style bra
Last year, a Ambrosio model known as the flower of fantasy runway wearing Victoria secret Fantasy Bra – $2 million 500 thousand because of the design of the flower covered. The company has been making 1996 of dream bras a year, but 2001 is its most expensive bra. Nicknamed “star of the sky” bra, it costs $12 million 500 thousand, with 1200 Sri Lanka Pink Sapphire and 90 carat diamond core valued at $10 million 600 thousand. Fantasy Bra is part of the company’s marketing strategy, because some naked women are no longer enough to ensure media attention. Only 1 million of the bras sold were sold and most of them were removed.
The annual Victoria secret fashion show, consisting of half naked women, was broadcast in 185 countries, with 9 million 500 thousand viewers in the United states. This is the League away from the first TV commercials in the bust at 1954.
The company is the first lingerie to be advertised on television.” “At the time they weren’t allowed to live on television, but they showed the packaging until the last 70s, and you were actually allowed to show off models wearing underwear on television,” Jones said. In fact, Jones is the search for a company’s bra collection of museums.
But despite the cost and popularity, scientists are divided about the value of corset style bra.

The existence of corset style bra is not only comfort, but also social rebellion.

For average women, wearing a bra is almost like eating or drinking water – we subconsciously do it without thinking about it. We hardly ever go to get our bras every morning. This is because we have accepted the need for it. But, isn’t it? To know what it is, we must talk about what it does and what it is created to do, and then assess its role in our lives.

corset style bra
The history of bras
The corset style bra is the result of lifting and shaping the breasts and is a heavy corset. Prior to this, our attachment was free to exist because no one felt the need to control the appearance of female images to benefit others. After all, wearing a skinny thing to make your breasts look like other people is not what women are willing to do. So the idea of bras is rooted in the idea that women’s shapes look more attractive. Obviously, we are used to accepting the idea that the approval of society (especially men) is the key to our survival, and we think it’s OK to wear bras.
In fact, after the war of 50s, a slightly tapered bra, seen in the wind by a girl, was really popular. They stressed the chest area and created considerable scandal, because on your face. Therefore, the bra has a lot to do with a sexy woman, because they come, because their purpose is to let the female breast look lively, lift and through this, obsessed with the idea that young your body looks more beautiful, this is. That’s why many women, even today, say their breasts “need” to improve because we are all used to worrying about sagging parts of our bodies. So, not our breasts need lifting. It’s just a social or masculine gaze, it likes to look at it, we’re used to pandering to it, so we hardly think.
Postmodern acceptance struggle
In 70s, the emergence of flower power radicalism, including feminism and Marx doctrine (in the United States) and refusal to accept social oppression. For many women, this kind of oppression includes the fact that they always have to wear a dress that is as oppressive as a bra. Therefore, the “bra burning” movement began to be recognized as one of the most radical movements in women’s rights movement. This is the beginning of the end of the corset style bra.corset style bra
Today, bras are still uncomfortable, painful and restricted. Research into the adverse effects of bras, especially those with wired or extreme push ups, is pervasive. In view of this, many women refuse bras at every opportunity they receive. However, rejection is largely tacit, because we are used to feeling naked without bras. Men feel when they wear elegant skirt instead of trousers, women feel when they are free from their breast pain tight bra clutches. This kind of relaxed existence and that freedom is very uncomfortable for us, because of unavoidable problems, other people will want to see what, what, follow the rejection of bra behavior, so many women are very afraid of this behavioral response. We’re just not used to feeling free, so the whole idea is strange to us, hindering many women from giving up bras.
In fact, sports T-shirts,corset style bra styles, have recently married into a bizarre bra trend, giving women comfortable underwear. The recent commercialization of feminism and the introduction of the mainstream of light, this is not entirely a movement to come all of a sudden. For a variety of functional and comfortable women’s clothing has finally been recognized because someone decided to talk about its needs, and ultimately we benefit from the results.

The object of Revolution: the first woman in the world to have bras

It is easy to take things for granted, think we know how they are formed, and forget the extraordinary causes of ordinary things. Stories of inventions are often hard to verify because every new idea stands on the old shoulder and becomes a great urban legend. Added to the trouble, some real stories are not very sure when someone else, so intuition makes you reach your merchant. But stories of simple home objects sitting in plain sight can tell us more about the past than we can imagine. Here are some possible lessons for easy use.
There’s really no evidence that women burned bras in the 60s of the last century, but the legend has continued. Modern corset style bra, but not creating constraints, women are an invention that provides support and liberation, a plump party girl created by plump party girls. One night in early 1910s, a young socialite Mary Phelps Jacobs (the name of Caresse, Crosby in most of her life) going to an event, the lack of danceability and cramp her bra she flapper she MacGyvered a halter top ribbon and handkerchief. Jacobs helped her friend, when she knew that she could be a real go, she applied for a patent, opened a small “sweatshops” (this is the garment manufacturing industry after all) as an independent boss, not by her husband.

But Jacobs didn’t have a lifelong commitment to be a manufacturer. Through an ex boyfriend, she sold the patent Warner Brothers Corset Company (no concern for filmmakers) and 1500-a dollars less than $36000 in today’s purchasing power. Jacobs was free from the only constraint in her life. She and her husband, Harry Crosby, moved to Paris for some time, where they were caught in a lost generation. She has knowledge and romantic affairs and brilliant like Henri Cartier and Buckminster Bresson. Fuller, for allegedly written by Henry Miller, and set up an English news, published a lot of people to create a modern.
Although inventing bras on Jacobs’s fascinating track is just a teenager’s stop, it does signal what she’s going to do next. Not only did she not dance through Europe, but patent applications were also made by her first published work, in which she described the benefits of bras, “this may be some concluding remarks that it does not put people where they do not need it.”.”
A version of the story first appeared in the Pacific Standard in May / June 2017. Now subscribe and get eight questions for the year or buy a single copy of the magazine.

People who don’t wear bras think bad things from school administrators to high school students

It is unusual for high school students to be called breaking dresses, but some feel that administrators are too far away when female students wear what.
Remy Altuna, who attended the Beaumont high school in southern California, began tweeting when she allegedly was reprimanded for her clothes after expressing her anger.
“Black holes are so disjointed. Now they want to wear, you don’t wear corset style bra. “Does my underwear have (SiC) business,” she wrote?.
A photograph posted under review by Altoona: a pair of black tights and loose jeans. She told YAHOO that she had been walking all day, and that no one had said her dress was inappropriate or that she had violated the dress code. But when she went to the school office to get a piece of paper to sign, an assistant principal pulled her aside and told her to put on her jacket.

“She said my shirt was low cut, and then she asked me if I had a bra,” Altuna told YAHOO. She continued, “because I didn’t wear a bra, she didn’t want people to have a bad impression on me, or speak inappropriately, or something bad.”.
And the company’s dress didn’t specifically mention wearing bras, which said, “the tops must be covered with underwear and all parts should not be cut or leaked.”.” Altuna says if she wears a bra, she will always break the rules because it will show.
The school issued a statement saying the implementation of the dress code is an imperfect process, the NBC4 report.
Altuna believes that the school is using what women’s clothing, especially strict, seems to become a model, and pointed out that the boy did not get the so-called girl.
“This year it’s like they’re bleeding really, looking for something,” Altuna said.
Her caused some controversy over the matter. Many people think her clothes don’t break dress codes, so she should be able to dress as she wants. Others, however, believe that schools have the right to maintain the standards they choose. As a student, she has to comply with these standards, whether she agrees or not.

Suck your stomach: bras come back… Put on your clothes!

Believe it or not, bras come back.
Stylish corset now appears at your local mall, like Zara’s big store and Forever 21 and popular hub like Asos.com online. Shopstyle.com reported stays higher than last year reached 97.2% years of search (staylace is the most popular).
But those who use the look don’t wear the Vitoria era waist cinchers like they used to. The leaders of the currents, like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, their clothes bound with their corset, show all those studies.
A vacuum could not be seen: Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, LV, and the rib lining of the runway that gave a crunch trend.
But the sharp revival involves watching the 2016 fall series from Prada, which shows the loose bundle design in Miuccia Prada.” “It just looks cool,” says Eric Wilson, director of fashion journalism at ruili.” This is a very good way to understand this history because it has this once restrictive costume.
A few days later, he added, “people in their own staylace.”

So on the big screen Emma Watson abandoned the beauty and the beast tights, on the red carpet all about boning see personal shoppers premiere in March 7th, when Krristen Stewart jumped to the trend, Sally LaPointe wearing tights.
So, what’s the way? Is this the 2017 twist in the burning corset style bra – or is it expected to return to women a terrible twist?
Centuries ago, the corset rose is a popular smothering and similar devices in the aristocracy, and wrapped it in linen boning left the woman’s breath, sometimes faint, their organs are rearranged in part can be tightened.
Looking at the last century, the early twentieth, as a war material priority or fashion. By 1920s, the corset, which appeared to have weakened in loose corset style bra, coincided with ten years, and finally gave women the right to vote in the United States
Most recently, bras have largely fallen into clothing. The trend of Madonna regeneration is 1989. Wear the pink satin tight tapered bra in high pink and look at Beyonce and miss Gaga in one stage. Recently, Kim Kardashian endorsed the miracle of waist massager shaping the body, causing medical chagrin.
“They are the most important part of getting more hourglass figures,” says hourglass angel Ruben Soto, which sells all kinds of body shaping clothing and underwear. Although he has yet to see specific rises, as the star corset sells how to wear it, “perhaps long-term changes will be made to what corset is to make them more approachable,” he said.
Tights pop-up cycle in fashion “every year,” said Wilson, who do not want the new incarnation, but in this girl’s celebrity fashion, like Nicola Peltz or Hailey Baldwin, who often layer rib crunching T-shirts and underwear in the chimney.
This time, as the women’s movement developed in the Trump era, insiders said the intention was more political.
“I don’t think it’s a trend, people just because Kim Kardashian wears it,” says Wilson. It’s a powerful look, and even put it, even if you don’t know what the discussion is around it, you have to realize that you basically put a bra or corset in your clothes. The man who can not be lost.”
But not everyone is sucking their stomach and lace.
“As a woman, today is a soldier.”. It means being a survivor. It means making yourself vulnerable, admitting that you are ashamed, or feeling sad or angry. “It takes a lot of power,” says Miss Gaga in an article in Harper last November.
Gaga took the power of her mother and grandmother. “That’s the kind of woman I want to be. You know, I never thought I would say that, but isn’t that time to remove bras? Just as someone who loves them, I think it’s time.”

The breast is back. If you were Rihanna. Or in 40

Ladies, you can breathe a little!
In fact, you may want to start just breathing, and now, you can open bandages, tape, unlock corset style bra and free your arms from a sports corset style bra sized little bond.

We know this is true because the New York post – published by Rupert Murdoch – owns it and announces it.
The newspaper reported that Rihanna, in an event last week, was dangerously out of her big red dress, marking the official return of the breasts.
For those we do not know our “wives” – a word, frankly, the description of the female anatomy Trump seems poetic – once gone, it goes on to explain that “supermodels such as Kendall Jenna and Bella Hadid of the lively small chest has the highest rule”, in recent times.
The ban on large breasts abolishes the extension to the the Atlantic side. “Curve your passion: a big bounce in the chest,” reported the sun, another Murdoch’s title this week.
This seems to be good news for the average Irish woman. The bra size is 34C. But don’t think that means you can manipulate your wife in any old group, need signs and Spencer Gh and finish it. Oh, and the first thing to do is improve. (keep in mind that women do not have part of female anatomy, and can not benefit from the cooked in a marketing department expert in our application, feel bad about our body.) Consider strengthening them with “push up bras, sliced chicken, clever makeup” or “glitterboobs”, appeared in the Glastonbury proposal.
News, chest has come back from exile, twitter ignited mixed relief and confusion.
The abolition of the ban on breasts may not be a story of the sun breaking, the New York post has nothing to do with those months that guarded all mammary glands earlier this year.
“Looking at their breasts can boost men’s longevity,” “go to the headlines.”.
“It may seem like an inconvenience, or invasion of privacy, and many women are staring at the chest, causing a positive attitude toward men,” said the report. The science behind this is that 2012 of studies show that positive thinking can help people control their coronary heart disease, while the sun will be ancient formulations of research, “people + positive thinking = fool.””.
But put your chest from the box in the attic, where all foot spa in your shoe, jeans and fairy tree lights – and play their recent elderly men, etc.! Because in the London Times, Saturday edition, another Murdoch (if you find a trend here to raise your hand), it appears, not all back of the chest.
Only those belonging to the next 40: cut out at the age of 40, Sam Leith reported in a helpful article, “do nothing to say wear, if you exceed 40: age limit test.””.
“Obviously, it depends on the chest, they support, but usually you want to avoid a huge fold, fake tan, cantilever tilt, will change, nephew and niece, family pets will disappear,” he added instructions, quipped: “this woman too”.
So you have a woman. Having breasts is good if you are Rihanna; if you are 50 years old, Salma Hayek doesn’t have so much (who, according to the same article, should also reserve yourself a reasonable short hair now)
And, of course, we can decide that we’ve had enough of this sexism, age discrimination, reductionism. We can stop taking part in maintaining our behavior and voting with our bodies and simple choices with our wallets. We can bypass any export orders concerning the release of the latest salary gap is our own fault, because we are not ambitious enough or because we have the courage to pregnancy; or age, we must abandon tight jeans or fracture; or whether we need our small labium dressing; or we often need to luminiser we (I hope I have vulva say, but this is one thing: Google “perfect V”).
We can loudly, and often need, refuse to suggest that everything from being raped is less controlled on the Internet, and that it is our fault for a young man to die. The only perfect body we can accept is the one that keeps you alive. We can decide to hug, whether those bodies make us feel good, the lady’s lumps and all. Chest back! They’re crazier.

Female fans had to show their bras in front of men in security checks

At the tournament, orders them to raise their tops and show off their bras, and they line up to get into the match for the female fans.
Supporters of Grimsby say they suffered an invasion of privacy during the visit to the stadium weekend.
Awkward women claimed that female waitresses asked whether they could sense their corset style bra at the airport security check sky before betting on Saturday’s League game.
Supporters also say that at least one young man, a child of age five, is obviously restless.
Jon Wood, a trusted supporter of Grimsby’s sailors chairman, lashed out at an open letter to the so-called treatment team club.
He wrote: “some female supporters were put on their bras, housekeeper entered the stadium.
The decision, in front of other supporters of the queue, including men and butlers, is a violation of privacy.
“Female supporters also because we come into contact with their waitresses ask them whether they feel their bra, if they confirm, they need.”.
“The fans are uncomfortable when they say they will” really do, not ‘they”reluctantly “to the ground.”.
This bill will effectively constitute sexual assault, and these types of searches are illegal.
Fans of the town of Grimsby said they were also asked by the waitress if they could “feel” that they were trying to enter Steve Niki’s FC’s two weekend underwear at the stadium.
Ladies traveling abroad are no longer allowed to wear bras, underwear can trigger cable, because sensitive airport metal detectors, security guards asked to search.
But some 70 year old fans said they were surprised that Saturday’s low fixture was subject to airport security.
Hertfordshire club now has been inundated with complaints in an internal investigation.
Steve Niki, general manager of Bob Makin, said: “we have been flooded with letters received on the phone and in writing.”.
“There are a lot of complaints and allegations that we must take seriously.”. Many of them.
“We are investigating and will be writing a formal response to the question. There will be no further comment until the investigation has been completed.”
Jon Wood, a member of the Grimsby mariners trust, chairman of the fan community, represented more than 3000 Grimsby fans very angry to deal with.
He said in an open letter to the team’s Club: “some women supporters were put on their bras and housekeeper entered the stadium.
“This decision – before the other supporters of the queue, including men and butlers – is a violation of privacy.
“Female supporters also contacted our country because they were asked by the stewardess whether they felt their bra, if they confirmed they needed it.”.
“This action will effectively constitute sexual assault, and these types of searches are illegal.”.”
Supporters say the housekeeper searched the children for at least five years with at least one apparent uneasiness, supporters say. Items included include a bottle of hand sanitizer, contact lens solution, cough syrup and medication.
Paul Savage, the sailor’s trust, vice president, said: “if you don’t see it with your eyes, you can hardly believe it happened.”.
“This is a police search for me. The same search. You’ll get a detention room on a Friday night.
As a football fan, there seems to be no reason to need to check a woman’s bra at all times, let alone a football match.