Designer who made Aysha Mehajer’s extravagant wedding gown slammed by disgruntled customers who claim they were given ‘cheap and dirty lycra Womens Sexy Dresseses’ to get married in

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The Australian designer who made a wedding Womens Sexy Dresses for Salim Mehajer’s now ex-wife has been embroiled in a bitter battle with disgruntled customers.

Aysha Learmonth dazzled in a stunning lace gown designed by World of Nektaria when she tied the knot with the disgraced former Auburn mayor in 2015.

And the glamorous embroidered white Womens Sexy Dresses caught the attention of brides-to-be who turned to the seamstress to have their very own gowns designed for their special days.

However, customers Olena Temelkovski and Tash Smarelli were left disappointed after their dream wedding took a turn for the worse.

Appearing on A Current Affair, the pair – who claim they spent thousands of dollars on their Womens Sexy Dresseses – accused brand director Natalie Georgys of not meeting their expectations.

‘A month before my wedding, she just gave me something off the rack. It was a cheap lycra, like an under garment Womens Sexy Dresses,’ Ms Temelkovski claimed.

‘It was dirty from being worn. This is what they wanted me to take.’

Ms Smarelli added: ‘She [designer] said that she can’t make the Womens Sexy Dresses that she sketched for me. We had to use a different material.

‘I don’t know what to do, I didn’t think I’d have a Womens Sexy Dresses.’
Womens Sexy Dresses
Angry brides have also set up an Instagram account where customers share their horror wedding stories about the brand.

‘Took $3,000 for a deposit but when I flew over to Melbourne for my weekend of Womens Sexy Dresses fittings, she wasn’t even in Melbourne,’ one wrote.

Another claimed online: ‘Once I paid they stopped responding to me, no confirmation or payment, no voicemail returned.’

When designer Craig Braybrook confronted Ms Georgys on behalf of a number of brides, he told ACA he was threatened with a defamation email.

‘It was a bit laughable because there was lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, so I just presumed it wasn’t a proper legal one,’ he told ACA.

Ms Temelkovski claimed when she demanded her money back, Ms Georgys offered refund half of her $5,000 deposit.

‘I didn’t agree to take that because I didn’t think it was fair,’ Ms Temelkovski said.

ACA reported that Ms Georgys claimed Ms Temelkovski kept changing her mind about her wedding Womens Sexy Dresses.

According to Fair Trading, when customers place a deposit on an item, they may be entering into a binding agreement to proceed with the transaction.

If you change your mind, the trader may be entitled to retain all or part of your deposit.

Consumer Action Law Centre solicitor David Maunsell told A Current Affair there were ‘risks’ when buying bridal Womens Sexy Dresseses.

‘Consumer needs to be aware of those,’ he said.

‘They need to manage their expectations and make clear their expectations to the designer so that those expectations can be met if that is possible.’

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