From Marilyn Monroe to Victoria’s Secret, look back at the fascinating history of the corset style bra

From structured whalebone corsets in the 1500s to the invention of cup sizes and underwire in the 1930s, we look back at the history of the bra and how its design has evolved over time.

The corset belt is a sexy trend that seems to be everywhere we turn, but what outfit should you wear it with? Since it can be a bit tricky to style, we consulted celeb stylist Brad Goreski who offered up his tips for mastering the trend in an effortless way.

From casual oversized tees worn as dresses to sexy little slips and even clining midis, the celeb set loves to accentuate their waists with corset belts! The belt is yet another lingerie-like element that became a major street style trend, and we can thank the stylish, fashion-forward celeb set for offering up inspiration behind the look. Kim Kardashian was the first celeb to debut the style as her little sister, Kylie Jenner, was quick to follow suit — and the trend is everywhere we turn, with everyone from Gigi Hadid to Ashley Graham embracing the sexy style.

Want to embrace the trend but not sure how you can pull it off? Well, you’re in luck! Celeb stylist Brad Goreski teamed up with Marshalls to break down the hottest summer trends and we got the chance to pick his brain on the latest fashion craze — and what you should wear it with.

Without ever having been introduced, I’d been told to be outside Her Majesty’s bedroom at precisely one minute to nine in the morning, ready to perform the most intimate of services.

By reputation, I’m the UK’s leading boobologist, you see. Or to put it more formally, in July 1982, I became the official corsetiere to the Queen.
That meant using the Palace’s tradesman’s entrance, from which you walk for ten to 15 minutes through a vast and shabby basement.

You go past the kitchens and workrooms, through the floristry area and finally, after what seems like miles of corridors, into the lift that goes to the Queen’s private apartments.

I’d imagined her visitors’ room would be full of gilt frames and gorgeous furniture. Instead there was a jumble of mismatched bits and pieces.

It looked like an old-fashioned dentist’s waiting room. At 9am precisely, Miss Margaret McDonald — the Queen’s dresser and former nanny — ushered me into the royal bedroom.

This is the final episode in our video series that takes a nostalgic look back at everyday items in your wardrobe, revealing their sometimes-unlikely origins and examining how they have gone in and out of fashion throughout the years.

Previous episodes have shared the history of the wedding dress, the high heel, the ever- changing style of the handbag and the back-story of the power suit.

How to Wear Corsets Without Looking Trashy

Valerie Steele once wrote that the corset is “possibly the most controversial garment in the history of fashion.” In fact, the fashion historian and director of the Museum at FIT devoted an entire book to the subject titled The Corset: A Cultural History. So it’s no surprise that stylish women, including Miuccia Prada, Kim Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid, have picked up on the fashion item in recent months and turned it into something we’re
beginning to see everywhere, from the runways to the streets and even the gym. The main difference, however, is that women are now wearing the corset as a way to flaunt their curves rather than restrain them.

Kris Jenner moved her raucous ways from the camera to the party on Wednesday evening as she headed to Kathy Hilton’s 58th birthday bash alongside her sisters at celeb hotspot Craig’s restaurant – living it up among her fellow TV stars.The 61-year-old momager looked stunning in her sheer gold gown which flashed a mass of her bra from underneath shortly before she risked showing off her derriere while climbing into a cab at the end of the night.

While it may have been Kathy’s celebration, after she turned 58 on Monday, Kris stole the show in a hard-to-miss gold dress complete with a sheer body and busty front.Despite her sexagenarian status, she still showed off her youthful flare for fashion in her scanty mini which flaunted her push-up bra atop her perky cleavage.

The gown was a mix of textures, with beading, ruffles and a Lamé body making for a dazzling finish, while her exposed black bra perfected the look.The grandmother of six gave a nod to the cardinal legs or cleavage rule as she wore the metallic frock with thick black tights and lace up boots.

The history of the highly debated garment is loaded. Once used a medical device to correct the spine more than 400 years ago, the corset was originally made of metal. Later, the item—constructed of whalebone or wood—became an essential part of any respectable woman’s wardrobe. “It was a normal part of clothing, like wearing a bra or panties would be now,” Steele tells Allure. The ones we’re seeing on the runways today are quite the opposite: soft, flexible fabrics that support rather than modify the body and crush organs.

Similarly, Prada’s fall 2016 show had many models walking down the runway in corsets that laced in the front. The pieces were made of cotton, denim, and even knits. At Maison Margiela’s fall 2016 show, the massive buckled belts worn over sleeveless blazers mimicked the effect of corsets.

The great thing about the look is that it can elevate almost anything you pair it with. Plus, it totally defies the male gaze by allowing you to flaunt what you want when you want—no discomfort required. In the words of Steele, “It’s kind of remarkable that a garment that could be so criticized and so hated, to then be reappropriated as a sign of female sexual agency and power.”

All Women Need To Know About Ashley Graham’s Tip For Wearing A Strapless Bra

Ashley Graham knows a thing or two about bras and boobs.

For one, the “size sexy” model is the mastermind behind some of Addition Elle’s most seductive and supportive bras, so she understands how a woman with a big bust should be feeling and looking in a bra.

And two, she’s the hottest supermodel of the moment, meaning she takes part in a lot of fittings, trying on hundreds of different looks and picking up some valuable fashion advice along the way.

Getting a bra to fit just right can be a serious chore sometimes. Whether too loose, too tight or too hot, there’s always an issue popping up at the worst moment. On a recent Rachael Ray Show segment, I helped viewers resolve their real-world bra problems and found the perfect solutions to get their chests in order once and for all with bras they brought from home!

For any of us suffering through sweaty bras—because it’s hot outside or we’re internally overheating due to breastfeeding or extra hormones—it’s an uncomfortable feeling. Made from moisture-wicking material like bamboo, a bra liner tucks right along the edge of your bra and against your breastbone until it lies flat. It creates an added barrier that separates your skin from the bra that absorbs the sweat and prevents any feelings of wetness. The best part is that it can be machine-washed and air-dried to be
reused again and again.

You might find that your straps are always sloping off your shoulders. This could be because your shoulders are naturally rounded or because the straps themselves are extra silky. First, simply try tightening your straps; it’s a common mistake that we make strap adjustments when we first purchase a bra and then we forget to do anything further! If that simple solution doesn’t work, then second, consider a product like these elastic bra
clips that hook to each strap between your shoulder blades with an adjustable band in the middle to get just the right fit.

You finally found the perfect backless dress that you love—and the deep plunge has been on-trend for many seasons—only to realize you don’t have the right bra to go with it. Do you really want to spend upwards of $50 on a backless bra to potentially wear with one dress? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could transform a bra that you already own? Here a bra converter lowers the back of your bra in the rear in a criss-cross fashion that wraps
around to your front where it is secured (don’t forget to initially lower your bra straps). This will lower your bra back by about four to five inches.

Along the lines of strapless and backless bras, bralettes might end up being appropriate for a wedding in 2017. Interestingly, some of the 2017 trends for bralette dresses have open lace designs, according to InStyle, and that mean adhesive bras would be the only choice.

Clearly, any wedding dress that will have a “barely there” appearance around the chest or back will need an appropriate bra, but traditional padded bras or corsets might not work as well as adhesive bras.

Getting familiar with adhesive bras will be necessary for everyday clothing as well, because the barely-there trend is also commonly in the forecast for 2017 style trends outside of formal wear. This corresponds with the latest fashion trend that includes wearing no bra, no bra or shirt with a blazer, or wearing a bra as a shirt.

So long to the days of constantly trying to yank up your fabric prison for your chest bra when you’re wearing a cute dress at work.

And this isn’t the first time Ms. Graham blessed us with fashionable and life-saving style hacks. One time, the model gave us her top five tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans. And it was beyond helpful.